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Section 400.57

Act 280 of 1939

400.57 Definitions.

Sec. 57.

(1) As used in this section and sections 57a to 57v:

(a) "Adult-supervised household" means either of the following:

(i) The place of residence of a parent, stepparent, or legal guardian of a minor parent.

(ii) A living arrangement not described in subparagraph (i) that the department approves as a family setting that provides care and control of a minor parent and his or her child and supportive services including, but not limited to, counseling, guidance, or supervision.

(b) "Caretaker" means an individual who is acting as parent for a child in the absence or because of the disability of the child's parent or stepparent and who is the child's legal guardian, grandparent, great grandparent, great-great grandparent, sibling, stepsibling, aunt, great aunt, great-great aunt, uncle, great uncle, great-great uncle, nephew, niece, first cousin, or first cousin once-removed, a spouse of any person listed above, a parent of the putative father, or an unrelated individual aged 21 or older whose appointment as legal guardian of the child is pending.

(c) "Child" means an individual who is not emancipated under 1968 PA 293, MCL 722.1 to 722.6, who lives with a parent or caretaker, and who is either of the following:

(i) Under the age of 18.

(ii) Age 18 and a full-time high school student.

(d) "Family" means 1 or more of the following:

(i) A household consisting of a child and either of the following:

(A) A parent or stepparent of the child.

(B) A caretaker of the child.

(ii) A pregnant woman.

(iii) A parent of a child in foster care.

(e) "Family independence program assistance" means financial assistance provided to a family under the family independence program.

(f) "Family independence program assistance group" means all those members of a program group who receive family independence program assistance.

(g) "Family independence program" means the program of financial assistance established under section 57a.

(h) "Family self-sufficiency plan" means a document described in section 57e that is executed by a family in return for receiving family independence program assistance.

(i) "JET program" means the jobs, education and training program administered by the Michigan economic development corporation or a successor entity for applicants and recipients of family independence program assistance or a successor program. A reference to the JET program means the PATH program.

(j) "Medical review team" means the team composed of a disability examiner and a physician as a medical consultant who certifies disability for the purpose of eligibility for assistance under this act.

(k) "Negative action period" means the time frame a client is given notice for a benefit decrease or closure of the family independence program benefit.

(l) "Minor parent" means an individual under the age of 18 who is not emancipated under 1968 PA 293, MCL 722.1 to 722.6, and who is either the biological parent of a child living in the same household or a pregnant woman.

(m) "PATH program" means the PATH: partnership. accountability. training. hope. work partnership program.

(n) "Payment standard" means the standard upon which family independence program assistance benefits are based.

(o) "Program group" means a family and all those individuals living with a family whose income and assets are considered for purposes of determining financial eligibility for family independence program assistance.

(p) "Recipient" means an individual receiving family independence program assistance.

(q) "Substance abuse" means that term as defined in section 100d of the mental health code, 1974 PA 258, MCL 330.1100d.

(r) "Substance abuse treatment" means outpatient or inpatient services or participation in alcoholics anonymous or a similar program.

(s) "Supplemental security income" means the program of supplemental security income provided under title XVI.

(2) A reference in this act to "aid to dependent children" or "aid to families with dependent children" means "family independence program assistance".

History: Add. 1995, Act 223, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996 ;-- Am. 2006, Act 471, Imd. Eff. Dec. 20, 2006 ;-- Am. 2011, Act 131, Eff. Oct. 1, 2011 ;-- Am. 2014, Act 375, Eff. Jan. 1, 2016
Compiler's Notes: Former MCL 400.57, which pertained to eligibility for aid to blind, was repealed by Act 189 of 1973, Imd. Eff. Jan. 8, 1974.
Popular Name: Act 280

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