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Section 330.2001b

Act 258 of 1974

330.2001b Definitions; P to S.

Sec. 1001b.

  (1) "Place of detention" means a detention facility operated by a political subdivision of the state.
  (2) "Prisoner" means a person confined in a state correctional facility, but does not include any of the following:
  (a) A person confined pursuant to an order of a juvenile division of the probate court or the family division of circuit court.
  (b) A person confined in a place of detention.
  (c) A person who is on parole from a state correctional facility.
  (3) "Protective environment" means an environment that supports mental health services in accordance with a prisoner's individual plan of services.
  (4) "State correctional facility" means a facility that houses prisoners and is operated by the department of corrections, and also includes a youth correctional facility operated by the department of corrections or a private vendor under section 20g of 1953 PA 232, MCL 791.220g.

History: Add. 1978, Act 636, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1979 ;-- Am. 1993, Act 252, Imd. Eff. Nov. 29, 1993 ;-- Am. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 508, Imd. Eff. Jan. 8, 1999

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