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Act 300 of 1949

Section 257.672SectionStopping, parking or leaving vehicle upon paved or main traveled part of highway or upon paved or unpaved part of limited access highway; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.673SectionRemoval of illegally stopped vehicles; costs.
Section 257.674SectionProhibited parking; exceptions; bus loading zone; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.674aSectionClear vision areas; parking and commercial enterprises prohibited; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.675SectionStopping, standing, or parking of vehicle; requirements; signs; traffic control orders as rules; hearing; use of windshield placard by disabled person; courtesy required; free parking sticker; display; confiscation; false statement, deception, or fraud as misdemeanor; penalty; violation as civil infraction; cancellation, revocation, or suspension; driver, chauffeur's, or state personal identification card number; signature of physician, physician assistant, certified nurse practitioner, or physical therapist; third party reimbursement or worker's compensation; "disabled person" defined.
Section 257.675aSectionUnlawful standing or parked vehicle; proof; presumption.
Section 257.675bSectionUnlawful standing or parked leased or rented motor vehicle; liability proof; information to be provided by owner; definitions.
Section 257.675cSectionStopping, standing, or parking violations; registered owner as person prima facie responsible for violation; affirmative defense; civil action; written indemnification agreement; applicability of subsection (3) to leased vehicle; issuing citation to operator.
Section 257.675dSectionAuthorizing and utilizing persons other than police officers to issue citations; violations; training program; definitions.
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