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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 563 of 2016
House: Adjourned until Thursday, March 23, 2017 12:00:00 PM

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What is an ICS file?
An .ics file contains information about a meeting, and it can be synchronized with a variety calendars, include Apple's iCalendar, IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

How do I use an ICS file to add a meeting to my Calendar?
After downloading the .ics file you may see it in the lower corner of your web browser. Clicking it will often offer options that will help you load the meeting into your default calendar. If that doesn't happen, consider an internet search on how to import an .ics file into the product you are using for a calendar.

Are there limitations of using this file to update my calendar?
You should be aware that if the meeting time changes or it is canceled, you will not be notified about it. For this reason you may want to continue to watch the website for update and cancellation information on the meetings you are interested in.
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