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Section 324.16502

Act 451 of 1994

324.16502 Paper recycling system; establishment; purpose; scope; schedule; functions.

Sec. 16502.

  (1) The department shall establish and implement a paper recycling system to recycle wastepaper products that are recyclable and for which there is an accessible and available market. The recycling system shall include the recyclable wastepaper products generated in the offices and other facilities of state departments and state agencies, the offices and other facilities of the legislature, and the judicial offices and other facilities within this state. The department may work with other state departments and hire private contractors to establish or implement all or a portion of the recycling system under this part. The paper recycling system established by the department shall provide for the recycling of wastepaper in the offices and facilities that participate in that system, in accord with the following schedule:
  (a) January 1, 1989....................20% or more.
  (b) January 1, 1990....................25% or more.
  (c) January 1, 1992....................50% or more.
  (d) January 1, 2000....................85% or more.
  (2) The paper recycling system established by the department shall provide for the expansion and improvement of any wastepaper recycling system that exists on March 30, 1989 and shall provide for all of the following:
  (a) An aggressive program to locate and develop, if necessary, markets for recyclable wastepaper products.
  (b) An education program to assure that employees who participate in the recycling system are knowledgeable about both of the following:
  (i) The importance of recycling paper.
  (ii) The components of the paper recycling system and how the system will impact each employee.
  (c) The recovery of all wastepaper for which a market is available and accessible.
  (d) The separation of the recyclable wastepaper by the generator in close proximity to the point at which the paper product enters the waste stream.
  (e) A central collection system within each building or office of facility that is participating in the recycling system.
  (f) The compiling of information and the preparation of an annual written report to be sent to the governor, the senate majority leader, the speaker of the house, and the chief justice of the supreme court, detailing the implementation and operation of the paper recycling system; the level of participation in the paper recycling system of offices, facilities, and agencies within each branch of government; the availability of markets for the wastepaper collected; recommendations on how the market for recycled paper can be stimulated; and recommendations regarding whether the system can be and should be expanded.

History: 1994, Act 451, Eff. Mar. 30, 1995
Compiler's Notes: For transfer of authority, powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Waste Management Division to the Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, see E.R.O. No. 1995-16, compiled MCL 324.99903 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.
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