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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 6 of 2023
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Act 386 of 1998
Part 3

Section 700.5301SectionAppointment of guardian for incapacitated person by will or other writing.
Section 700.5301aSectionAppointment of guardian in another state as temporary guardian.
Section 700.5301bSectionAppointment of guardian; jurisdiction of court; conditions; connection to state; factors.
Section 700.5302SectionGuardianship proceedings; venue.
Section 700.5303SectionCourt appointment of guardian of incapacitated person; petition; alternatives to appointment of full guardian; hearing.
Section 700.5304SectionEvaluation and report; hearing.
Section 700.5305SectionGuardian ad litem; duties; compensation; legal counsel.
Section 700.5306SectionCourt appointment of guardian of incapacitated person; findings; appointment of limited guardian; effect of patient advocate designation; supervised access.
Section 700.5306aSectionRights of individual for whom guardian is sought or appointed; form.
Section 700.5307SectionJurisdiction over guardian.
Section 700.5308SectionTermination of guardian's authority and responsibility.
Section 700.5309SectionReview of guardianship.
Section 700.5310SectionResignation or removal of guardian.
Section 700.5311SectionAppointment or removal of guardian; notice of hearing.
Section 700.5312SectionCourt exercise of power of guardian; temporary guardian.
Section 700.5313SectionGuardian; qualifications.
Section 700.5314SectionPowers and duties of guardian.
Section 700.5315SectionPayments for care of ward; claims at death.
Section 700.5316SectionPartial management of property by ward.
Section 700.5317SectionGuardianship proceedings; concurrent jurisdiction.
Section 700.5318SectionThird person dealing with guardian.
Section 700.5319SectionAppointment of conservator or protective order; report of amount of additional cash or property.
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