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Act 5 of 1956
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Act 5 of 1956

AN ACT to establish and promote a uniform system of municipal courts in cities; to consolidate justice courts in cities into a system of municipal courts; to change the name of existing justice courts and justices of the peace in cities to municipal courts and municipal judges; to promote uniformity in practice and procedure in such courts; to prescribe the powers, duties and functions of such courts; and to provide for substitute municipal judges in cities in cases of death, absence, disability or removal of the regularly elected or appointed municipal judges and in cases where temporary judicial assistance is needed in such courts.

History: 1956, Act 5, Eff. Aug. 11, 1956 ;-- Am. 1957, Act 179, Eff. Sept. 27, 1957

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 730.501SectionMunicipal courts; salaried judges; designation; adoption of act by ordinance or charter provision.
Section 730.501aSectionUniform municipal court act; definitions.
Section 730.502SectionName of court; title of judges, entitlement of papers.
Section 730.503SectionCandidates; designation; incumbency designation.
Section 730.504SectionIncumbent judges or justices; nonapplication of act.
Section 730.505SectionIncumbent judges or justices; continuation, vacancies.
Section 730.506SectionSubstitute judges; assistance of other judges.
Section 730.507SectionSubstitute judges; compensation.
Section 730.508SectionJudges; qualifications, terms, election; compensation, jurisdiction, practice and procedure.
Section 730.508aSectionMunicipal court judge; eligibility; requirements.
Section 730.509SectionFiles, records and dockets.
Section 730.510SectionJurisdiction of successor judges.
Section 730.511SectionSet time for trial; hearing or action.
Section 730.512SectionJudges; rule making power.
Section 730.513SectionPresiding judge; designation, term, absence.
Section 730.514SectionPresiding judge; powers and duties, motions, bonds, defaults, rule powers.
Section 730.515SectionMotions; form, filing, hearing, notices.
Section 730.516SectionSetting aside verdict or judgment; new trial; procedure.
Section 730.517SectionInstructions to jury; requests to charge.
Section 730.518SectionDirected verdicts; condition.
Section 730.519SectionDirected verdicts; reserved decision in civil cases, judgment notwithstanding verdict.
Section 730.520SectionJudgment in case of disagreement of jury.
Section 730.521SectionCivil process; service anywhere in county.
Section 730.522SectionConcurrent jurisdiction; replevin; jurisdictional amount.
Section 730.523SectionAppeals in criminal cases.
Section 730.523aSectionAppeal in civil action or criminal case; effect of resolution.
Section 730.524SectionAttorney fees taxable.
Section 730.525SectionMatters returnable before presiding judge.
Section 730.526SectionConduct of trial by litigants or attorneys; contempt for violation.
Section 730.527SectionBail; setting date for examinations; recognizance in criminal cases.
Section 730.528SectionProvisions applicable to municipal judges and municipal courts; fees.
Section 730.529SectionJudgments; signing by judges.
Section 730.530SectionConciliation division; judges; clerks; jurisdictional amount.
Section 730.531SectionConciliation division; summons, default, hearings, adjournment.
Section 730.532SectionConciliation division; settlement; judgment, payment.
Section 730.533SectionConciliation division; transfer to regular division; costs.
Section 730.534SectionMichigan uniform municipal court act; short title.
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