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Section 324.5507

Act 451 of 1994

324.5507 Administratively complete action; exemption from information requirements; “compliance plan” defined.

Sec. 5507.

  (1) An administratively complete application means an application for an operating permit required in section 5506 that is submitted on standard application forms provided by the department and includes all of the following:
  (a) Source identifying information, including company name and address, owner's name, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the responsible official and permit contact person.
  (b) A description of the source's processes and products using the applicable standard industrial classification codes.
  (c) A description of all emissions of air contaminants emitted by the source that are regulated under this part, the rules promulgated under this part, and the clean air act.
  (d) A schedule for submission of annual compliance certifications during the permit term, unless more frequent certifications are specified by an underlying applicable requirement.
  (e) A certification by a responsible official of the truth, accuracy, and completeness of the application. The certification shall state that, based on information and belief formed after reasonable inquiry, the statements and information in the application are true, accurate, and complete.
  (f) For each process, except for any insignificant processes listed by the department pursuant to subsection (2), all of the following:
  (i) A description of the process using the standard classification code.
  (ii) Citation and description of all applicable requirements, including any applicable test method for determining compliance with each applicable requirement.
  (iii) Actual and allowable emission rates in tons per year and in terms that are necessary to establish compliance with all applicable emission limitations and standards, including all calculations used to determine those emission rates. Actual emission information shall be used for verifying the compliance status of the process with all applicable requirements. Actual emission information shall not be used, except at the request of the permit applicant, to establish new emission limitations or standards or to modify existing emission limitations or standards unless such limitation or standard is required to assure compliance with a specific applicable requirement.
  (iv) Information on fuels, fuel use, raw materials, production rates, and operating schedules, to the extent it is needed to determine or regulate emissions.
  (v) Limitations on source operation affecting emissions or any work practice standards, if applicable.
  (vi) Identification and description of air pollution control equipment and compliance monitoring devices or activities.
  (vii) Identification and description of all emission points in sufficient detail to establish the basis for fees or to determine applicable requirements.
  (viii) Other information required by any applicable requirement.
  (ix) A statement of the methods proposed to be used for determining compliance with the applicable requirements under the operating permit, including a description of monitoring, record keeping, and reporting requirements and test methods.
  (x) An explanation of any proposed exemptions from otherwise applicable requirements.
  (xi) Information necessary to define any alternative operating scenarios that are to be included in the operating permit or to define permit terms and conditions implementing section 5506(4)(l).
  (xii) A compliance plan.
  (xiii) A schedule of compliance.
  (2) The department shall promulgate a list of insignificant processes or activities, which are exempt from all or part of the information requirements of this section. For any insignificant processes or activities that are exempt because of size or production rate, the application shall include a list of the insignificant processes and activities.
  (3) As used in section 5506 and this section, “compliance plan” means a description of the compliance status of the source with respect to all applicable requirements for each process as follows:
  (a) For applicable requirements with which the source is in compliance, a statement that the source will continue to comply with such requirements.
  (b) For applicable requirements that will become effective during the permit term, a statement that the source will meet these requirements on a timely basis.
  (c) For requirements for which the source is not in compliance at the time of permit issuance, a narrative description of how the source will achieve compliance with such requirements.

History: 1994, Act 451, Eff. Mar. 30, 1995
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA

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