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Act 195 of 2001
Article 3

Section 722.1301Section“Petitioner” and “respondent” defined.
Section 722.1302SectionEnforcement; temporary order.
Section 722.1303SectionChild custody determination by out-of-state court; enforcement; remedy.
Section 722.1304SectionRegistered child-custody determination; requirements.
Section 722.1305SectionRegistered child-custody determination; enforcement.
Section 722.1306SectionCommencement of in-state enforcement proceeding; out-of-state modification proceeding; communication of enforcing court with modifying court.
Section 722.1307SectionPetition for enforcement of child-custody determination; contents; filing; hearing.
Section 722.1308SectionPetition and order; service.
Section 722.1309SectionDelivery of child to petitioner; grounds for exception; expenses; additional relief; refusal to testify; inference; privilege against disclosure.
Section 722.1310SectionWarrant to take physical custody of child.
Section 722.1311SectionAssessment of expenses.
Section 722.1312SectionFull faith and credit.
Section 722.1313SectionAppeal.
Section 722.1314SectionInternational child abduction; actions by prosecutor or attorney general.
Section 722.1315SectionActions by law enforcement officer.
Section 722.1316SectionExpenses of prosecutor or attorney general and law enforcement officers; assessment against respondent.
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