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Section 324.74101

Act 451 of 1994

324.74101 Definitions.

Sec. 74101.

As used in this part:

(a) "Commercial motor vehicle" means a commercial vehicle as defined in section 7 of the Michigan vehicle code, 1949 PA 300, MCL 257.7.

(b) "Improvement program" means the construction, reconstruction, development, improvement, bettering, operating, maintaining, and extending a facility at a state park, including a site improvement, impoundment, road and parking lot, toilet building, concession building, shelter building, bathhouse, utility, outdoor center, visitor service facility, ski area, ski tow, ski shelter, and administration unit.

(c) "Motor vehicle" means a vehicle that is self-propelled.

(d) "Nonresident motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle other than a commercial motor vehicle that is not registered as a motor vehicle in this state.

(e) "Recreation passport fee" means that term as defined in section 2001.

(f) "Resident motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle other than a commercial motor vehicle that is registered as a motor vehicle in this state.

(g) "State park" means a state park or state recreation area designated by the director.

(h) "State park improvement account" means the state park improvement account of the Michigan conservation and recreation legacy fund provided for in section 2030.

(i) "State park revenues" means all revenues collected for state parks, including but not limited to, revenue from recreation passport fees, motor vehicle permits, concession fees, nonmotorized trail permits, fees, leases, camping fees, sale of farm animals from Maybury state park, donations, and gifts.

History: Add. 1995, Act 58, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 392, Imd. Eff. Oct. 15, 2004 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 587, Eff. Dec. 23, 2006 ;-- Am. 2010, Act 33, Eff. Oct. 1, 2010
Compiler's Notes: Enacting section 2 of Act 587 of 2004 provides:"Enacting section 2. This amendatory act does not take effect unless House Joint Resolution Z of the 92nd Legislature becomes a part of the state constitution of 1963 as provided in section 1 of article XII of the state constitution of 1963."
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA

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