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Section 388.1611SectionAppropriations.
Section 388.1611mSectionFiscal year cash-flow borrowing costs; allocation.
Section 388.1622aSectionAllocation for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 for school operating purposes; payments to districts and qualifying public school academies; definitions.
Section 388.1651aSectionAllocations for reimbursement to districts and intermediate districts for special education programs, services, and personnel, certain net tuition payments, and programs for pupils eligible for special education programs; allocation of state and federal funds; reimbursement; shortfall; adjustments; total approved costs; rights, benefits, and tenure of transferred personnel; refund; foundation allowance; order of expenditures; responsibility for added costs for pupil enrolled in public school academy which is outside intermediate school district where pupil resides.
Section 388.1656SectionDefinitions; reimbursement to intermediate districts levying millages for special education; limitation; distribution plan; computation; payments.
Section 388.1752aSectionCosts related to state-mandated collection, maintenance, and reporting of data; payments.