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Section 41.427

Act 157 of 1905

41.427 Conveyances to and duties of board of county park trustees.

Sec. 7.

The township board of a township may convey to the board of county park trustees of a county in which the township is located lands held by the township for township parks or places of recreation, including lands acquired by the township through the dedication of a plat duly approved and recorded, or may arrange with the board of county park trustees for the improvement, maintenance, management, and control of those lands. Upon the acceptance by the county park trustees of the transfer and conveyance, or upon the making of any arrangement for the care, management, and control, the county park trustees shall be charged with all the duties relating to parks and public places as are provided by Act No. 90 of the Public Acts of 1913, being sections 123.61 to 123.68 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

History: Add. 1989, Act 79, Imd. Eff. June 20, 1989

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