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Downtown Development Authority, PA 197 of 1975

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Section 125.1651SectionDefinitions.
Section 125.1652SectionAuthority; establishment; restriction; public body corporate; powers generally.
Section 125.1653SectionResolution of intent to create and provide for operation of authority; public hearing on proposed ordinance creating authority and designating boundaries of downtown district; notice; exemption of taxes from capture; action by library board or commission; adoption, filing, and publication of ordinance; altering or amending boundaries; agreement with adjoining municipality; agreement with qualified township.
Section 125.1654SectionBoard; appointment, terms, and qualifications of members; vacancy; compensation and expenses; election of chairperson; appointment as public official; oath; conducting business at public meeting; public notice; special meetings; removal of members; review; expense items and financial records; availability of writings to public; single board governing all authorities; member as resident or having interest in property; planning commission serving as board in certain municipalities; modification by interlocal agreement.
Section 125.1655SectionDirector, acting director, treasurer, secretary, legal counsel, and other personnel.
Section 125.1656SectionParticipation of employees in municipal retirement and insurance programs.
Section 125.1657SectionPowers of board; creation, operation, or funding of retail business incubator.
Section 125.1659SectionAuthority as instrumentality of political subdivision.
Section 125.1660SectionTaking, transfer, and use of private property.
Section 125.1661SectionFinancing activities of authority; disposition of money received by authority; municipal obligations.
Section 125.1662SectionAd valorem tax; borrowing in anticipation of collection.
Section 125.1663SectionRevenue bonds.
Section 125.1664SectionTax increment financing plan; preparation and contents; limitation; public hearing; fiscal and economic implications; recommendations; agreements; modification of plan; catalyst development project.
Section 125.1665SectionTransmitting and expending tax increments revenues; reversion of surplus funds; abolition of tax increment financing plan; conditions; annual report on status of tax increment financing account; contents; publication.
Section 125.1666SectionGeneral obligation bonds and tax increment bonds; qualified refunding obligation.
Section 125.1667SectionDevelopment plan; preparation; contents; improvements related to qualified facility.
Section 125.1668SectionOrdinance approving development plan or tax increment financing plan; public hearing; notice; record.
Section 125.1669SectionDevelopment plan or tax increment financing plan as constituting public purpose; determination; ordinance; considerations; amendments; incorporation of catalyst development project plan.
Section 125.1670SectionNotice to vacate.
Section 125.1671SectionDevelopment area citizens council; establishment; appointment and qualifications of members; representative of development area.
Section 125.1672SectionDevelopment area citizens council; advisory body.
Section 125.1673SectionConsultation.
Section 125.1674SectionDevelopment area citizens council; meetings; notice; record; information and technical assistance; failure to organize, consult, or advise.
Section 125.1675SectionCitizens district council as development area citizens council.
Section 125.1676SectionNotice of findings and recommendations.
Section 125.1677SectionDevelopment area citizens council; dissolution.
Section 125.1678SectionBudget; cost of handling and auditing funds.
Section 125.1679SectionHistoric sites.
Section 125.1680SectionDissolution of authority; disposition of property and assets; reinstatement of authority; contesting validity of proceedings, findings, and determinations.

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