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Act 287 of 1964
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Act 287 of 1964

AN ACT to provide for the organization and functions of the state boards of education under the constitutions of 1908 and 1963; to provide for the appointment and functions of the superintendent of public instruction under the constitution of 1963; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1964, Act 287, Eff. Aug. 28, 1964

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 388.1001SectionState board of education; succession to powers; right to records; property, hearings.
Section 388.1002SectionState board of education; nomination, election, vacancies, membership.
Section 388.1003SectionState board of education; president; secretary; treasurer, bond.
Section 388.1004SectionState board of education; quorum; transacting and conducting business; notice of meeting; service of process.
Section 388.1005SectionState board of education; compensation and expenses.
Section 388.1006SectionState board of education; members, interest in publication of books prohibited.
Section 388.1007SectionState board of education; body corporate; seal; ordinances, bylaws, regulations.
Section 388.1008SectionState board of education; gifts, grants; special funds.
Section 388.1008aSectionCompliance with federal law; accepting and expending federal funds; rules; report; expenditure of state funds; compliance with fund accounting procedures.
Section 388.1008bSectionAcceptance of gifts, grants, devises, and bequests for students who are blind; special fund; report.
Section 388.1009SectionState board of education; supervision of public education; planning and coordinating body; research.
Section 388.1009aSectionSpecial education advisory committee; creation; appointment and terms of members; ex officio members; chairperson; expenses; duty.
Section 388.1010SectionAdditional powers and duties.
Section 388.1011SectionState board of education; report to legislature; financial requirements of all public education.
Section 388.1012SectionSuperintendent of public instruction; continuance in office.
Section 388.1013SectionSuperintendent of public instruction; appointment; removal; term.
Section 388.1014SectionSuperintendent of public instruction; references in other laws.
Section 388.1014aSectionRecords of grades attained by students at former educational institutions; central depository; availability to public of records and other writings; custody of records; transcripts.
Section 388.1015SectionState board of education; rules and regulations.
Section 388.1016SectionSaving clause.
Section 388.1017SectionRepeal.
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