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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 81

Section 600.8101SectionDistrict court; establishment; court of record; judicial districts; city located in more than one district.
Section 600.8102SectionElection divisions; effect.
Section 600.8103SectionDistricts, classes; definition.
Section 600.8104Section“District funding unit” or “district control unit” defined; responsibilities; agreement to share expenses; supplying law books and legal reference resources.
Section 600.8105SectionDistrict court in thirty-sixth district; functioning.
Section 600.8111SectionFirst district; Monroe county.
Section 600.8112SectionSecond district; Lenawee and Hillsdale counties; creation of second-a district and second-b district.
Section 600.8113SectionThird, third-a, and third-b districts.
Section 600.8114SectionFourth district; Cass county.
Section 600.8115SectionFifth district.
Section 600.8116SectionSeventh district.
Section 600.8117SectionEighth district; Kalamazoo county.
Section 600.8118SectionTenth district; Calhoun county and city of Battle Creek.
Section 600.8119SectionTwelfth district; Jackson county.
Section 600.8120SectionFourteenth, fourteenth-a, fourteenth-b, and fifteenth districts.
Section 600.8121SectionSixteenth district to thirty-fifth district.
Section 600.8121aSectionThirty-sixth district.
Section 600.8122SectionThirty-seventh district to forty-second district.
Section 600.8123SectionForty-third district to fifty-second district.
Section 600.8124SectionFifty-third district; Livingston County.
Section 600.8125SectionFifty-fourth-a district, fifty-fourth-b district, and fifty-fifth district.
Section 600.8126SectionFifty-sixth district; creation of fifty-sixth-a district and fifty-sixth-b district.
Section 600.8127SectionFifty-seventh district; Allegan county.
Section 600.8128SectionFifty-eighth district.
Section 600.8128aSectionFifty-ninth district.
Section 600.8129SectionSixtieth district.
Section 600.8130SectionSixty-first to sixty-third district.
Section 600.8131SectionSixty-fourth-a district and sixty-fourth-b district.
Section 600.8132SectionSixty-fifth-a district; sixty-fifth-b district.
Section 600.8133SectionSixty-sixth district; Shiawassee county.
Section 600.8134SectionSixty-seventh and sixty-eighth districts.
Section 600.8135SectionSeventieth district.
Section 600.8136SectionSeventy-first-a and seventy-first-b districts.
Section 600.8137SectionSeventy-second district; St. Clair county.
Section 600.8138SectionSeventy-third-a and seventy-third-b districts.
Section 600.8139SectionSeventy-fourth district; Bay county.
Section 600.8140SectionSeventy-fifth district; Midland county.
Section 600.8141SectionSeventy-sixth district; Isabella county.
Section 600.8142SectionSeventy-seventh district; Mecosta and Osceola counties.
Section 600.8143SectionSeventy-eighth district.
Section 600.8144SectionSeventy-ninth district; Lake and Mason counties.
Section 600.8145SectionEightieth district; Clare and Gladwin counties.
Section 600.8146SectionEighty-first district.
Section 600.8147SectionEighty-second district.
Section 600.8148SectionEighty-third district.
Section 600.8149SectionEighty-fourth district; Wexford and Missaukee counties.
Section 600.8150SectionEighty-fifth district; Manistee and Benzie counties.
Section 600.8151SectionEighty-sixth district; Grand Traverse, Antrim, and Leelanau counties.
Section 600.8152SectionEighty-seventh-A district; eighty-seventh-B district; eighty-seventh-C district; Otsego, Kalkaska, and Crawford counties.
Section 600.8153SectionEighty-eighth district; Alpena and Montmorency counties.
Section 600.8154SectionEighty-ninth district; Cheboygan and Presque Isle counties.
Section 600.8155SectionNinetieth district; Emmet and Charlevoix counties.
Section 600.8156SectionNinety-first district; Chippewa county.
Section 600.8157SectionNinety-second district; Mackinac and Luce counties.
Section 600.8158SectionNinety-third district; Schoolcraft and Alger counties.
Section 600.8159SectionNinety-fourth district; Delta county.
Section 600.8160SectionNinety-fifth-a district and ninety-fifth-b district.
Section 600.8161SectionNinety-sixth district; Marquette county.
Section 600.8162SectionNinety-seventh district.
Section 600.8163SectionNinety-eighth district; Ontonagon and Gogebic counties.
Section 600.8164SectionRepealed. 1972, Act 169, Imd. Eff. June 15, 1972.
Section 600.8171SectionChanges in districts; supreme court recommendations.
Section 600.8175SectionAdditional district judgeships; creation; approval by district control unit; resolution; filing; valid approval of judgeship; notice to elections division; state's obligation; election; first term.
Section 600.8176SectionCreation of new district and judgeship; conditions; notification of elections division; resolution; exercise of option; obligation of state; election and term of judgeship; approval of district control unit not required.
Section 600.8177SectionConsolidation of district of third class with district of second class; procedure.
Section 600.8178SectionFailure to adopt resolution approving consolidation; submission of question to vote of electors; procedure.
Section 600.8180SectionConsolidation of twelfth and thirteenth districts; expenses and capital improvements; judges' salaries; costs of state requirements; filing copies of resolutions and agreements; notification of elections division; transfer of employees; rights and benefits of employees.
Section 600.8181SectionRecord of proceedings; reports.
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