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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LXXVI

Section 750.520SectionRepealed. 1974, Act 266, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
Section 750.520aSectionDefinitions.
Section 750.520bSectionCriminal sexual conduct in the first degree; circumstances; felony; consecutive terms.
Section 750.520cSectionCriminal sexual conduct in the second degree; felony.
Section 750.520dSectionCriminal sexual conduct in the third degree; felony.
Section 750.520eSectionCriminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree; misdemeanor.
Section 750.520fSectionSecond or subsequent offense; penalty.
Section 750.520gSectionAssault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct; felony.
Section 750.520hSectionCorroboration of victim's testimony not required.
Section 750.520iSectionResistance by victim not required.
Section 750.520jSectionEvidence of victim's sexual conduct.
Section 750.520kSectionSuppression of names and details.
Section 750.520lSectionLegal spouse as victim.
Section 750.520mSectionDNA identification profiling; chemical testing; manner of collecting and transmitting samples; existing DNA identification profile; assessment; definitions.
Section 750.520nSectionLifetime electronic monitoring.
Section 750.520oSectionViolation of MCL 750.520b, 750.520c, 750.520d, 750.520e, or 750.520g by individual or juvenile who is student; definitions.
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