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Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XXIII

Section 168.491SectionInspectors of election; vote of registered electors required.
Section 168.492SectionQualifications for registration as elector.
Section 168.492aSectionRegistration of persons confined in jail.
Section 168.493SectionRepealed. 1994, Act 441, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1995.
Section 168.494SectionRegistration cards; file; definitions.
Section 168.495SectionRegistration affidavit; contents.
Section 168.495aSectionRepealed. 2011, Act 163, Imd. Eff. Oct. 4, 2011.
Section 168.496SectionRegistration of electors; duties of secretary of state.
Section 168.497SectionApplication for registration; validity of registrations; execution; filing; notice; exception.
Section 168.497aSectionSchool millage elections to which limitation in MCL 168.497 inapplicable; validity of registration.
Section 168.497cSectionVoter registration; presentation of picture identification card; affidavit.
Section 168.498SectionClerk of township, city, or village; office hours, days, and place for receiving applications for registration; public notice; notice of registration for school millage election; agreement to jointly publish public notice.
Section 168.499SectionRegistration of elector; registration application; oaths; interpreter; false material statement as misdemeanor; accepting fee as misdemeanor; voter identification card; effect of voter identification card returned to post office.
Section 168.499a-168.499dSectionRepealed. 1994, Act 441, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1995.
Section 168.500SectionVoter registration of applicant; procedure for applicant unable to write or sign name because of physical disability.
Section 168.500aSectionRegistration or change in registration of person applying for renewal of operator's or chauffeur's license; application; contents; signing and stamping application; verification receipt; forwarding application to county clerk or city or township clerk.
Section 168.500bSectionForwarding application for registration to clerk of city or township; compensation of county clerks; obtaining additional information; transmitting application to appropriate clerk; electronic transmission of address change.
Section 168.500cSectionIssuance of voter identification card; effect of returning card as nondeliverable.
Section 168.500dSectionElections in which applicant permitted to vote; determination and notice of nonqualification; presenting validated voter registration application receipt at polls.
Section 168.500eSectionPreparation of registration forms; notice of cancellation.
Section 168.500fSectionRepealed. 2012, Act 523, Eff. Mar. 28, 2013.
Section 168.500gSectionRepealed. 2005, Act 71, Imd. Eff. July 14, 2005.
Section 168.500hSectionNotifying clerks of changes of address, death notices, and names of drivers issued license in another state; evidence of elector's removal from municipality.
Section 168.500iSection“Agent” defined.
Section 168.500jSectionRules.
Section 168.501SectionRegistration cards; master file.
Section 168.501aSectionRepealed. 2005, Act 71, Imd. Eff. July 14, 2005.
Section 168.502SectionRegistration cards; township, city or village clerk; custody of files.
Section 168.502aSectionRepealed. 1989, Act 142, Eff. Dec. 1, 1990.
Section 168.503SectionRegistration records; loss or destruction of registration card, execution of new registration affidavit; loss or destruction of files, re-registration of electors; noncompliance, correction or re-registration, expense.
Section 168.504SectionRepealed. 2006, Act 605, Imd. Eff. Jan. 3, 2007
Section 168.505SectionAuthorization to cancel previous registration; signature; form; notice of cancellation; effect of previous address in another state; duties of clerk; authorization to cancel or notice received from another state.
Section 168.506SectionChange of residence within township, city, or village; transfer of registration by clerk.
Section 168.506aSectionRepealed. 1994, Act 441, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1995.
Section 168.507SectionExecution of transfer of registration request; comparison of signatures; certification; filing application for transfer; proper name of street or resident house number; notice; eligibility to vote.
Section 168.507aSectionMoving to another township or city; voting at place of last registration; affidavit; applicability of subsections (1) and (2); forms; cancellation of registration; voting in person or by absentee ballot.
Section 168.507bSectionMoving to another township or city; registration after close of registration and voting; conditions; voting at office of clerk or by absentee ballot; effective date.
Section 168.508SectionRepealed. 1994, Act 441, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1995.
Section 168.509SectionRepealed. 2004, Act 92, Imd. Eff. Apr. 26, 2004.
Section 168.509aSectionRepealed. 2004, Act 92, Imd. Eff. Apr. 26, 2004.
Section 168.509b-168.509lSectionRepealed. 1994, Act 441, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1995.
Section 168.509mSectionPurpose of MCL 168.509m to 168.509hh; definitions.
Section 168.509nSectionSecretary of state; duties.
Section 168.509oSectionQualified voter file; establishment and maintenance; persons considered registered voters; signed application.
Section 168.509pSectionQualified voter file; components.
Section 168.509qSectionQualified voter file; information to be contained for each voter.
Section 168.509rSectionQualified voter file; establishment and maintenance of computer system and programs; access; verification of accuracy; compilation of electors; sources; person whose name does not appear in file; requirements; adding, deleting, or changing information; inactive voter file.
Section 168.509sSectionImplementation study of qualified voter file; presentation of results to governor and legislature; creation of system design and cost analysis; creation of design and programming schedule.
Section 168.509tSectionPerson considered registered voter; persons required to vote in person; exceptions; prosecution not precluded in state.
Section 168.509uSectionList designating executive departments, state agencies, or other offices performing voter registration activities; armed forces recruitment office as voter registration agency.
Section 168.509vSectionRegistration to vote at certain locations or by mail.
Section 168.509wSectionPerson processing application; duties; transmitting application; cost of forwarding application.
Section 168.509xSectionApplication considered as received; requirements.
Section 168.509ySectionRepealed. 2004, Act 92, Imd. Eff. Apr. 26, 2004.
Section 168.509zSectionNotice to clerk of certain information.
Section 168.509aaSectionUpdating registration upon receipt of certain information; duties of clerk; instruction by clerk to challenge voter; cancellation of registration; notice that registered voter has moved out of state.
Section 168.509bbSectionFailure to vote; cancellation of registration prohibited.
Section 168.509ccSectionChallenge of registration; response by voter; duties of clerk.
Section 168.509ddSectionProgram to register voters or remove names.
Section 168.509eeSectionTransmission of report by voter registration agency to secretary of state.
Section 168.509ffSectionRecords; purpose; maintenance; availability to public; names and addresses to whom notice sent.
Section 168.509ggSectionInformation exempt from freedom of information act.
Section 168.509hhSectionCapture or reproduction of signature.
Section 168.510SectionDeceased electors; cancellation of registration.
Section 168.511SectionCancellation of registration; authorization from elector.
Section 168.512SectionChallenge of elector; affidavit, contents; answering affidavit; cancellation of registration; indiscriminate challenge, penalty.
Section 168.513SectionRepealed. 1994, Act 441, Imd. Eff. Jan. 10, 1995.
Section 168.514SectionCancellation of registration.
Section 168.515SectionRegistration records; verification by house-to-house canvass.
Section 168.516SectionRegistration records; public inspection.
Section 168.517SectionDivision of ward or precinct; transfer of registration cards, notations, notice to electors.
Section 168.518SectionOrganization of new township; first registration of electors; records; notice; incorporation of new city; registration records; annexation to city; statement by township clerk.
Section 168.519SectionIllegal or fraudulent registration; penalty.
Section 168.520SectionIllegal or fraudulent registration; township, city or village clerk, powers and duties; assistance by police or sheriff; assistant examiners, appointment, expenses.
Section 168.521SectionIllegal or fraudulent registration; removal of names, notice; reinstatement; review by mandamus; challenge.
Section 168.522SectionMaking, certifying, and delivering computer tape, disk, or listing of names and addresses of registered electors; year, month, and day of birth of elector; information exempt from disclosure.
Section 168.522aSectionRequest under freedom of information act; year of elector's birth.
Section 168.523SectionIdentification of registered elector; presenting official state identification card, operator's or chauffeur's license, or generally recognized picture identification card; execution of application; challenge; affidavit; approval, initial, and notation of application; application as poll list; filing application; notations on cards or lists; record of voting participation.
Section 168.523aSectionIndividual not listed on voter registration list; issuance of ballot; procedure.
Section 168.524SectionNumber of eligible voters; reports by township, village and city clerks to county clerks after registration closing.
Section 168.530SectionRepealed. 1999, Act 216, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 1999.
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