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Act 451 of 1994
Part 301

Section 324.30101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.30101aSectionApplicability of powers and duties of department to "navigable waters" and "waters of the United States" as defined in federal law.
Section 324.30102SectionOperations prohibited without permit; exception.
Section 324.30103SectionExceptions; "water withdrawal" and "agricultural drain" defined.
Section 324.30104SectionApplication for permit; fees; refund.
Section 324.30104bSectionApplicability of MCL 324.30306b to proposed project or proposed permit application.
Section 324.30105SectionPending applications; posting on website; public hearing; review of application; statement; final inspection and certification; notice of hearing; conditional permit in emergency; provisions applicable to minor project; issuance of general permits; minor project category; general permit for activities in drains; definitions.
Section 324.30106SectionPrerequisite to issuance of permit; specification in permit.
Section 324.30106aSectionConstruction, expansion, or reconfiguration of marina; issuance of permit; conditions; definitions.
Section 324.30106bSectionDredging or placing dredged spoils on bottomland; permit; conditions.
Section 324.30107SectionDuration, terms, and revocation of permit; hearing; modification or revocation of general permit.
Section 324.30108SectionBulkhead line; establishment; application; jurisdiction; duties.
Section 324.30109SectionOrdinary high-water mark agreement with riparian owner; agreement as proof of location; fee.
Section 324.30110SectionRules; promulgation and enforcement; hearing; review; proceeding by riparian owner.
Section 324.30111SectionRights of riparian owner as to water frontage and exposed bottomland.
Section 324.30111bSectionPublic road end; prohibited use; violation as misdemeanor; fine; civil action; definitions.
Section 324.30112SectionCivil action; commencement by department; fine; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; civil sanction as appropriate to violation.
Section 324.30113SectionLand and water management permit fee fund.
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