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Section 445.4

Act 101 of 1907

445.4 Contents of certificate; applicability of act to corporation or limited partnership.

Sec. 4.

(1) The certificate referred to in section 1, for any person that is named in the certificate and is not an individual, shall state the nature of the entity; the statutory law, if any, under which it was organized; the place and the date of filing with any governmental authority, identifying it, of any documents, describing them, required to be filed in order to accomplish or complete the organization of the entity and to entitle it to operate or transact business under the laws of this state and, if organized elsewhere, of the state or country where organized; if the person is a fiduciary, the date of the last will and testament or trust agreement and the court, place, and date of admission to probate of the will or the names and addresses of the parties to the trust agreement, and the name and address of each fiduciary; and, if the person is a partnership, the name and address of each general partner.

(2) This act does not affect or apply to any corporation or limited partnership organized under the laws of this state, or to any corporation or limited partnership organized under the laws of any other state and lawfully doing business in the state.

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