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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 348 of 1972 - LANDLORD AND TENANT RELATIONSHIPS (554.601 - 554.616)
Section 554.601 ‑ Definitions.
Section 554.601a ‑ Termination of lease; conditions; applicability of section to leases entered into, renewed, or renegotiated after effective date.
Section 554.601b ‑ Tenant under apprehension of danger from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking; release from rental payment obligation; written notice; content; documentation; forwarding information; liability of multiple tenants; applicability; remedies against other parties; definitions.
Section 554.602 ‑ Security deposit; amount.
Section 554.603 ‑ Security deposit; notice.
Section 554.604 ‑ Security deposit, disposition; bond.
Section 554.605 ‑ Security deposit as property of tenant.
Section 554.606 ‑ Waiving requirements of act.
Section 554.607 ‑ Security deposit; permissible uses.
Section 554.608 ‑ Inventory checklists.
Section 554.609 ‑ Itemized list of damages; check or money order; contents of notice of damages.
Section 554.610 ‑ Effect of noncompliance with notice of damages requirement.
Section 554.611 ‑ Notice of forwarding address; effect of noncompliance.
Section 554.612 ‑ Response to notice of damages.
Section 554.613 ‑ Action for damages; retention of security deposit; waiver.
Section 554.614 ‑ Termination of landlord's interest; liability for security deposit.
Section 554.615 ‑ Action to enforce act.
Section 554.616 ‑ Effective date and applicability of act.

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