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Section 750.397a

Act 328 of 1931

750.397a Placing harmful object or substance in food; furnishing food containing harmful object or substance; penalty.

Sec. 397a.

A person who places pins, needles, razor blades, glass, or other harmful objects in any food, or a person who places a harmful substance in any food, with intent to harm the consumer of the food, or who knowingly furnishes any food containing a harmful object or substance to another person, is guilty of a felony and shall be imprisoned for not more than 10 years, or fined not more than $10,000.00, or both.

History: Add. 1971, Act 141, Imd. Eff. Oct. 29, 1971 ;-- Am. 1975, Act 265, Imd. Eff. Oct. 31, 1975

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