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Act 258 of 1974

Section 330.1260SectionDefinitions; implementation and completion of changes.
Section 330.1261SectionRecords; confidentiality; disclosure.
Section 330.1262SectionPerson subject of record; consent to disclose content; revocation; form of authorization or revocation.
Section 330.1263SectionConsent to disclose not given; limitations.
Section 330.1264SectionAuthorization of services; consent by minor; informing spouse, parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis; legal responsibility for services.
Section 330.1265SectionRequest for services for minor by parents or person in loco parentis; diagnostic evaluation; detoxification services; performance of services without minor's consent; use of psychotropic drugs.
Section 330.1266SectionPetition requesting court determination whether services necessary for minor; appointment of guardian ad litem; notice of hearing; right to independent diagnostic evaluation; hearing; determinations; confidentiality of court records.
Section 330.1267SectionTreatment plan; review; transmission of review results; objection by minor; discharge of minor from program.
Section 330.1268SectionReceipt of objection; hearing; notice of hearing; actions by court.
Section 330.1269SectionDepartment-designated community mental health entity and community mental health services program provider network; ability to contract for and spend funds; purposes.
Section 330.1270SectionDuties of department.
Section 330.1271SectionAdditional duties of department.
Section 330.1272SectionAdditional duties of department.
Section 330.1273SectionAdditional duties and powers of department; duty of department-designated community mental health entities and community mental health services program provider networks to ensure applicants are licensed.
Section 330.1273aSectionGrant program for high schools designated for students recovering from substance abuse disorder.
Section 330.1273bSectionCompetitive grant program for recovery community organizations.
Section 330.1274SectionDuty of department-designated community mental health entity to assume responsibility for providing services for county or multicounty region.
Section 330.1274aSectionUniform substance use disorder credentialing program; duties of department; compliance; definitions.
Section 330.1275SectionWaiting list for services; priority position.
Section 330.1276SectionIndividual taken into protective custody by peace officer; transporting individual to approved service program or emergency medical service; lawful force; arrest record prohibited; inability to complete transfer to program or service; commission of misdemeanor; emergency treatment.
Section 330.1277SectionProtective custody; examination by health professional; chemical test; individual found to be incapacitated; treatment from approved program or service.
Section 330.1278SectionDetention of incapacitated individual; discharge to peace officer.
Section 330.1279SectionRelease of individual found not to be incapacitated.
Section 330.1280SectionAdmission of individual held in protective custody; notification of family or designated individual.
Section 330.1281SectionVoluntary admission.
Section 330.1281aSectionInvoluntary treatment.
Section 330.1281bSectionInvoluntary treatment; petition; examination of petitioner under oath; probable cause; duties of court; certification of findings by physician, health professional, or individual conducting independent expert evaluation; hearing; court order; failure of respondent to undergo and complete treatment; contempt of court; finding of no probable cause or withdrawal of petition; dismissal of proceedings; "substance use disorder assessment and diagnosis" defined.
Section 330.1281cSectionHolding respondent for treatment; court order; period of time; release from program; transfer to less-restrictive program; holding respondent in jail pending transportation to program or evaluation; summons; submission of list of programs and health professionals.
Section 330.1282SectionCriminal or civil liability of peace officer, security transport officer, or medical staff.
Section 330.1283SectionInventory and return of possessions.
Section 330.1284SectionPayment for treatment or transportation costs.
Section 330.1285SectionConfidentiality of records.
Section 330.1286SectionAdoption of local law, ordinance, resolution, or rule.
Section 330.1287SectionDepartment-designated community mental health entity; composition of board; use of funds; contracts; allocation formula; establishment of substance use disorder oversight policy board; report on redistricting of regions; administrative and reporting requirements; entities as coordinating agencies.
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