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Section 67.7

Act 3 of 1895

67.7 Public highways, bridges, grounds; supervision; liability for damages; bridges.

Sec. 7.

   The council shall have supervision and control of all public highways, bridges, streets, avenues, alleys, sidewalks, and public grounds within the village, and shall have the authority over these that is given by the general laws of the state. A village is not liable in damages sustained by any person in the village, either to his or her person or property, by reason of a defective street, sidewalk, crosswalk, or public highway, or by reason of an obstruction, ice, snow or other incumbrance upon a street, sidewalk, crosswalk, or public highway, situated in such village unless within 120 days after the injury occurs a person serves or causes to be served a notice in writing upon the clerk or deputy clerk of the village. The notice shall set forth substantially the time when and place where the injury took place, the manner in which it occurred, the known extent of the injury, and that the person receiving the injury intends to hold the village liable for damages sustained by him or her. However, the road or highway bridges within the limits of a village laid out by any authority other than the village, shall be built, controlled, and kept in repair by the county or this state, whichever has jurisdiction. All other bridges in the village shall be built, controlled, and kept in repair by the village.

History: 1895, Act 3, Imd. Eff. Feb. 19, 1895 ;-- CL 1897, 2775 ;-- Am. 1899, Act 223, Eff. Sept. 23, 1899 ;-- CL 1915, 2646 ;-- CL 1929, 1555 ;-- CL 1948, 67.7 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 255, Imd. Eff. July 13, 1998

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