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Act 162 of 1982
Chapter 6

Section 450.2601SectionAmendment of articles of incorporation; contents.
Section 450.2602SectionAmendment of articles of incorporation; purposes.
Section 450.2611SectionAmendment of articles by incorporation; amendment without shareholder or member action; manner of adoption; notice of meeting; vote on proposed amendment; requirements; adoption; number of amendments acted upon at 1 meeting; certificate of amendment.
Section 450.2615SectionVoting as class on proposed amendment.
Section 450.2631SectionCertificate of amendment; signing and execution; filing; contents.
Section 450.2641SectionIntegrating provisions of articles into single instrument; adoption of restated articles of incorporation; adoption before first meeting; amendments subject to other provisions of act.
Section 450.2642SectionRestated articles of incorporation; heading or introductory paragraph; designation; required statements; omitted provisions.
Section 450.2643SectionRestated articles of incorporation; signing, filing, and executing; effect.
Section 450.2651SectionAbandonment of amendment; certificate.
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