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Act 289 of 1977
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Act 289 of 1977

AN ACT to provide for payments to municipalities for fire protection services received by state facilities; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local agencies and officials; and to authorize the proration of certain appropriations.

History: 1977, Act 289, Eff. Mar. 30, 1978

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 141.951SectionDefinitions.
Section 141.952SectionPayments to municipalities with state-owned facilities; plan; report; date of valuation; consultations; furnishing local assessor and state tax commission with copies of director's report; recommendations for adjustments to proposed valuations; date of final determination; notice of final estimated value and final estimated equalized value.
Section 141.953SectionSubmission of data by municipality; form; review of data; certification of amount; warrant.
Section 141.954SectionDetermination of amount due municipality; conditions precluding payment.
Section 141.955SectionState facility not prohibited from entering contract pursuant to MCL 17.71 et seq.
Section 141.956SectionProrating amount appropriated to each municipality.
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