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Section 710.55a

Act 288 of 1939

710.55a Representation by attorney.

Sec. 55a.

(1) An attorney shall not represent a party in a direct placement adoption unless the attorney is an adoption attorney. An attorney or law firm shall not serve as the attorney for, or provide legal services to, both a parent or guardian and a prospective adoptive parent.

(2) In a direct placement or agency placement adoption, if the minor parent of a child who is a potential adoptee is not represented by an attorney, the adoption attorney or child placing agency that is providing adoption services involving that minor parent shall provide the minor parent with an opportunity to discuss with an attorney who is not associated with the adoption attorney or child placing agency the legal ramifications of a consent or release, or of the termination of parental rights, before the execution of a consent or release or the termination of parental rights.

History: Add. 1994, Act 222, Eff. Jan. 1, 1995
Popular Name: Probate Code

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