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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XX

Section 750.135SectionChildren; exposing with intent to injure or abandon; surrender of child to emergency service provider; applicability of subsection (1); definitions.
Section 750.135aSectionLeaving child unattended in vehicle; prohibition; violation; definitions.
Section 750.136SectionLabia majora or labia minor or clitoris; surgical procedure prohibited; exceptions; violation as felony; penalty; violation of law arising from same transaction.
Section 750.136aSectionTransporting person for conduct violating MCL 750.136; felony; penalty; violation arising out of same transaction.
Section 750.136bSectionDefinitions; child abuse; degrees; penalties; exception; affirmative defense.
Section 750.136cSectionTransfer or acquisition of legal or physical custody of individual; prohibited conduct; exceptions; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 750.136dSectionViolation of MCL 750.136b in presence of child other than victim; penalty; laws arising out of same transaction.
Section 750.137SectionPurchases from minors.
Section 750.138SectionChildren; legal custody; interference.
Section 750.139SectionChild under 16 years of age; confinement; commitment or trial; presence at trial of adults; transportation with adults charged with or convicted of crime; exception; violation as misdemeanor.
Section 750.140SectionChildren; exhibition; employ; apprentice.
Section 750.141SectionPresence of minor under 17 in places where liquor is sold, given away, or furnished; attendance of minors at dances.
Section 750.141aSectionDefinitions; prohibited conduct by person having control of real property; applicability of section; violation of subsection (2) as misdemeanor; penalty; evidence of rebuttable presumption; selling or furnishing alcoholic beverage to minor not authorized by act; criminal penalty.
Section 750.141bSectionRepealed. 1963, Act 162, Eff. Sept. 6, 1963.
Section 750.141c, 750.141dSectionRepealed. 1978, Act 531, Eff. Dec. 23, 1978.
Section 750.142SectionFurnishing obscene publications or criminal news to minors.
Section 750.143SectionChildren; exhibition of obscene matter.
Section 750.143aSectionInformation about rating system; posting sign by video game retailer required; violation; fine; definitions.
Section 750.144SectionMinor; boarding houses, licensing.
Section 750.145SectionMinor; contributing to neglect or delinquency.
Section 750.145aSectionAccosting, enticing or soliciting child for immoral purpose.
Section 750.145bSectionAccosting, enticing or soliciting child for immoral purpose; prior conviction; penalty.
Section 750.145cSectionDefinitions; child sexually abusive activity or material; penalties; possession of child sexually abusive material; expert testimony; defenses; acts of commercial film or photographic print processor; report to law enforcement agency by computer technician; reasonable availability of evidence to defendant; applicability and uniformity of section; enactment or enforcement of ordinance, rule, or regulation prohibited.
Section 750.145dSectionUse of internet or computer system; prohibited conduct; violation; penalty; jurisdiction; order to reimburse state or local governmental unit; definitions.
Section 750.145eSectionDissemination of sexually explicit visual material of another person; prohibition; exceptions; other violations of law; violation; penalty; definitions.
Section 750.145fSectionViolation of MCL 750.145e; penalty.
Section 750.145gSectionChild sexually abusive activity or material; second or subsequent offense; mandatory minimum.
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