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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LII

Section 750.356SectionLarceny; property; penalties; total value of property stolen; enhanced sentence; prior convictions; "scrap metal" defined.
Section 750.356aSectionLarceny; motor vehicles or trailers; aggregate value; prior convictions; breaking or entering; damaging.
Section 750.356bSectionBreaking and entering coin operated telephone, penalty.
Section 750.356cSectionRetail fraud in first degree.
Section 750.356dSectionRetail fraud in second or third degree.
Section 750.357SectionLarceny from the person.
Section 750.357aSectionLarceny of livestock.
Section 750.357bSectionCommitting larceny by stealing firearm of another person as felony; penalty.
Section 750.358SectionLarceny at a fire.
Section 750.359SectionLarceny from vacant dwelling.
Section 750.360SectionLarceny; places of abode, work, storage, conveyance, worship and other places.
Section 750.360aSectionElectronic or magnetic theft detection; shielding merchandise prohibited; violation as crime.
Section 750.361SectionLarceny or maliciously removing journal bearings or brasses.
Section 750.362SectionLarceny by conversion.
Section 750.362aSectionLarceny; rented motor vehicle, trailer or other tangible property; penalty.
Section 750.363SectionLarceny by false personation.
Section 750.364SectionLarceny from libraries.
Section 750.365SectionLarceny from car or persons detained or injured by accident.
Section 750.366SectionRepealed. 2002, Act 295, Imd. Eff. May 9, 2002.
Section 750.367SectionTaking or injuring trees, shrubs, vines, plants.
Section 750.367aSectionLarceny of rationed goods, wares and merchandise.
Section 750.367bSectionTaking possession of and use of airplane.
Section 750.367cSectionTheft of motor vehicle fuel.
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