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Section 339.5945

Act 407 of 2016

339.5945 Inspection report; filing; form; fee; issuance, contents, validity, posting, and suspension of inspection certificate.

Sec. 945.

  (1) Within 30 days following a boiler certificate inspection required under this article, the chief inspector, a deputy inspector, or the person that employs a special inspector who performed the inspection shall file a report of the inspection with the chief inspector, on a form approved by the board. A form may be 1 of the forms recommended by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. A report of an external inspection is not required unless the external inspection discloses that a boiler is in a dangerous condition.
  (2) If a report filed under subsection (1) indicates that a boiler complies with the rules of the board, the owner or user of the boiler shall pay a fee, in an amount established by the department under article 4, directly to the department and the department shall issue to that owner or user an inspection certificate that states the date of inspection and specifies the maximum pressure under which the owner or user may operate the boiler. All of the following apply to an inspection certificate issued under this section:
  (a) An inspection certificate is valid for not more than 12 months for a power boiler, except that the certificate is valid during a 2-month grace period under section 943(c) or during an extension approved by the board under section 943(d). The grace period provided under section 943(c) only applies to a 12-month certificate and does not apply to extensions approved by the board under section 943(d) beyond the 12-month certificate.
  (b) An inspection certificate is valid for not more than 24 months for a low pressure steam or vapor heating boiler and 36 months for a hot water heating boiler or hot water supply boiler, except that the certificate is valid during a grace period under section 943.
  (c) An owner or user of a boiler shall post an inspection certificate under glass in the room in which the boiler is located. If the boiler is not located within the building, the owner or user shall post the certificate in a location that is convenient to the boiler that was inspected or in a place that is accessible to interested parties.
  (3) An inspection certificate issued for an insured boiler by a special inspector is not valid after the boiler for which the certificate was issued ceases to be insured by a company authorized by this state to carry the insurance, if the insurance was terminated because of an unsafe condition or a violation of a rule of the board.
  (4) The chief inspector may suspend an inspection certificate if, in his or her opinion, the boiler for which the certificate was issued cannot be operated without harm to the public safety, or if the boiler is found not to comply with the rules promulgated under this article. A suspension of an inspection certificate shall continue in effect until the boiler conforms to the rules of the board and the inspection certificate is reinstated.

History: 2016, Act 407, Eff. Apr. 4, 2017 ;-- Am. 2020, Act 89, Eff. Sept. 14, 2020

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