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Act 368 of 1978
Part 127

Section 333.12701SectionDefinitions used in MCL 333.12701 to 333.12715.
Section 333.12703SectionApplicability of MCL 333.12701 to 333.12715.
Section 333.12704SectionCertificate of registration as well drilling contractor, pump installer, water well drilling contractor, or dewatering well pump installer; application; fees; exemption.
Section 333.12705SectionCertificate of registration; issuance; nontransferable; expiration; renewal; examination; eligibility; reciprocity.
Section 333.12706SectionNumbers, seal, and words to be placed on well drilling machine.
Section 333.12707SectionRecord required; contents; copies; forms; sufficiency of record for drive point well.
Section 333.12708SectionEntering and inspecting installation.
Section 333.12709SectionInspection of violation; order; notice of suspension of certificate of registration; petition for hearing; revocation of certificate of registration.
Section 333.12711SectionAdvisory board; creation; appointment and qualifications of members.
Section 333.12712SectionAdvisory board; terms of members; vacancies.
Section 333.12713SectionAdvisory board; election of chairperson; secretary; number of meetings; quorum; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; compensation and expenses.
Section 333.12714SectionRules and construction code.
Section 333.12715SectionViolation as misdemeanor; penalties; prosecution.
Section 333.12721SectionAdding fluoride to water.
Section 333.12751SectionDefinitions used in MCL 333.12752 to 333.12758.
Section 333.12752SectionPublic sanitary sewer systems; declaration of necessity.
Section 333.12753SectionStructures in which sanitary sewage originates to be connected to public sanitary sewer; approval; time.
Section 333.12754SectionFailure to connect structure to public sanitary sewer; notice; action to compel connection.
Section 333.12756SectionTap-in fee for connection; deferment of payment by reason of hardship; application; evidence of hardship; ordinance defining hardship and permitting deferred or partial payment; condition to granting deferred or partial payment.
Section 333.12757SectionInstallation and use of acceptable innovative or alternative waste treatment system alone or in combination with acceptable alternative greywater system; regulation by local health department; guidelines; exemption from special assessments not permitted; connection to available public sanitary sewer system not required; payment of sewer availability fee in lieu of connection or user fees; exemption from connection or user fees.
Section 333.12758SectionVoluntary connection to public sanitary sewer system; provisions cumulative.
Section 333.12771SectionOuthouses; requirements; rules; violation as misdemeanor; public nuisance; “outhouse” defined.
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