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Act 368 of 1978
Part 28

Section 333.2801SectionMeanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.2803SectionDefinitions; A to F.
Section 333.2804SectionDefinitions; I to R.
Section 333.2805SectionDefinitions; S to V.
Section 333.2811SectionForm and content of vital records and certificates.
Section 333.2813SectionState registrar; appointment; duties; inclusion of social security number; disclosure prohibited; violation; penalty.
Section 333.2814SectionCity clerk or city department as local registrar; rules.
Section 333.2815SectionLocal registrar; duties.
Section 333.2821SectionBirth registration required; filing record of birth; time of registration; transmission to childhood immunization registry.
Section 333.2822SectionIndividuals required to report live birth occurring in state; “surrender” defined.
Section 333.2823SectionRegistration of live birth occurring in moving conveyance.
Section 333.2824SectionRegistering name of husband as father of child; registering surname of child; consent; acknowledgment of parentage; designating surname of child; entering name of father and surname of child on birth certificate; father not named on birth registration; utilization of assisted reproductive technology; reference to legitimacy or illegitimacy prohibited.
Section 333.2825SectionAssuming custody of live born child of unknown parentage; form, contents, and filing of report; place of birth; report as birth registration; sealing and opening of report.
Section 333.2827SectionFailure to register birth within time prescribed; filing certificate of birth; registration of birth subject to evidentiary requirements; marking certificate “delayed” and showing date of delayed registration; endorsing summary statement of evidence on certificate; failure to register due to conflict of information.
Section 333.2828SectionConditions prohibiting registration of delayed certificate of birth; advising applicant of reasons and right of appeal; dismissal of application; judicial findings and order; forwarding order to state registrar; registration of order as certificate of birth; forwarding copy of delayed registration to local registrar.
Section 333.2829SectionReport of adoption; form; contents; report when adoption order amended, annulled, or rescinded; duty of probate register or clerk; requirements of birth certificate issued to adopted individual.
Section 333.2830SectionAdoption of child born outside United States, territory of United States, or Canada; filing, form, and contents of delayed registration of birth; petition for issuance of delayed registration of birth; entering change of name.
Section 333.2831SectionNew certificate of birth; establishment; requirements.
Section 333.2832SectionNew certificate of birth; actual place and date of birth to be shown; substitution for original certificate; inspection; restoration of original certificate upon notice of annulment or rescission of adoption; preparing new certificate on delayed birth certificate form; sealing or forwarding original certificate.
Section 333.2833SectionRecording death on decedent's birth certificate; notification; recordation by department or local registrar; recordation on face of copies of certificate; correction of record.
Section 333.2834SectionReport of fetal death; time, form, and manner; prohibited information; report if dead fetus delivered in or outside institution; notice to medical examiner; investigation and report; use and disposition of confidential statistical reports; disclosure identifying biological parents prohibited; incorporation of records into system of vital statistics; certificate of stillbirth.
Section 333.2835Section"Physical complication" defined; report of abortion; form, transmittal, and contents of report; prohibited information; destruction of reports; annual statistical report; use of statistical reports; prohibited disclosures; violation; penalty; release of reports or contents to department of licensing and regulatory affairs.
Section 333.2836SectionDisposal of fetal remains.
Section 333.2837SectionPhysical complication or death resulting from abortion; report.
Section 333.2841SectionDeath registration required; place of death; failure to report death to law enforcement agency, funeral home, or 9-1-1 operator; violation; penalty.
Section 333.2842SectionDeath registration; death occurring in moving conveyance.
Section 333.2843SectionReport of death by funeral director; “dead body” defined; personal data; medical certification; neglecting or refusing to sign death certificate as misdemeanor; penalty; certification and filing of death record; deceased infant; information.
Section 333.2843aSectionAscertaining if deceased person veteran; releasing information for graves registration list of all burials of veterans.
Section 333.2843bSectionPhysician having actual knowledge of presence in deceased individual of infectious agent; notification of funeral director or authorized agent; refusal to render services prohibited; effective date of subsection (1); confidentiality; rules; violation as misdemeanor.
Section 333.2844SectionReferral of case to county medical examiner; determining and certifying cause of death; investigation; completing and signing medical certification; notice to funeral director; final disposition.
Section 333.2844aSectionDental examination of dead body; forwarding records to law enforcement agency; entering information into national crime information center; cancellation of information.
Section 333.2845SectionInability to locate body; registration of death upon receipt of findings of probate court; marking death registration; extension of time periods.
Section 333.2846SectionFailure to register death within prescribed time period; filing, registering, and marking certificate; evidentiary requirements.
Section 333.2847SectionDeath of individual in county in which individual not a resident; information; issuance of certified copy or certificate of registration prohibited.
Section 333.2848SectionAuthorization for final disposition of dead body or fetus; time; form; retention of permit; religious service or ceremony not required; cremation; moving body; permit issued by other state.
Section 333.2850SectionInterment or other disposition of dead body or fetus; duty of individual in charge of premises; record of final disposition.
Section 333.2851SectionPermit request for disinterment of dead human body.
Section 333.2852SectionWeather conditions requiring storage of dead body; authorization for delayed interment; disinterment and reinterment permit not required.
Section 333.2853SectionPermit for disinterment and reinterment required; issuance; forms for permits and applications; retention of application; copy of permit as permanent record; petition for disinterment order.
Section 333.2854SectionFailure to comply with provisions of MCL 333.2836 or 333.2848; violation; state civil infraction; civil fine.
Section 333.2855SectionAutopsy; physician to perform; consent; ordering of autopsy; exceptions; removal, retention, or use of pituitary gland; conditions; charge; submitting pituitary gland for treatment of human being; agreement.
Section 333.2855aSectionPublic display of autopsy photograph; court action; applicability of section to internet service provider; constitutionally protected speech or activity not prohibited; definitions.
Section 333.2861SectionOriginal marriage license certificates; filing; incorporating information relating to marriages in system of vital statistics.
Section 333.2864SectionReport of divorce proceedings; filing; forms; specifying number of divorces granted; report by party petitioning for divorce; signing and filing report; incorporating divorce reports in system of vital statistics.
Section 333.2867SectionInformation necessary to complete birth, death, marriage, or divorce registration; furnishing on demand; attesting accuracy of personal data regarding live birth registration.
Section 333.2871SectionAmendment of certificate or record; procedures; requirements; rules.
Section 333.2872SectionAcknowledgement of paternity; creating new certificate of birth; changing surname of child; sealing original certificate; addendum to certificate of live birth; creating new live birth certificate and sealing original.
Section 333.2873SectionConditions precluding amendment of vital record; reason for refusal; appeal; reporting amendment; preservation of original information.
Section 333.2876SectionPreservation of vital records and vital statistics; procedures.
Section 333.2881SectionProcedures applicable to system of vital statistics; request and fee for verification of facts; request and fee for name and location of court which finalized adoption.
Section 333.2882SectionIssuance of certain certified copies; request; fee; request of adopted adult or confidential intermediary; phrase to be marked on certificate provided under subsection (2) or (3).
Section 333.2882aSectionHeirloom birth certificate; issuance; administration; fee; design; seal; signature of governor; marketing and promotion; certificate not official record; section to be referred to as "Pam Posthumus law."
Section 333.2883SectionFurnishing copies or data from system of vital statistics; requirements; availability of copies of certificates or reports.
Section 333.2884SectionTransmitting transcripts of records and other reports to offices of vital statistics outside state; agreement; return of transcripts; transcripts received from other jurisdictions.
Section 333.2885SectionTransmission of vital records to library of Michigan.
Section 333.2886SectionCertified copies considered same as original; prima facie evidence.
Section 333.2888SectionInspection of vital records, disclosure of information, and issuance of copies; procedures; appeal to state registrar.
Section 333.2889SectionTagging birth certificate of missing child; notifying state police of request for copy of certificate; matching LEIN entry and certificate; tagging by local registrar; removal of tag.
Section 333.2890SectionIssuing birth certificate, certificate of registration, or information by mail; marking phrase “missing person” on face of document; telephoning state registrar upon receipt of request for tagged record; providing state registrar with certain information; telephoning state police; notice to law enforcement agency.
Section 333.2891SectionSearch for vital record; request; fee; official statement if record not located; verification of identity; fees for search, establishment, or registration; furnishing copies without charge; fees for creation of new vital records and corrections of vital records; additional fees; disposition of fees; system of fees for local registrars; vital records fund.
Section 333.2892SectionVital records fund creation; duties of state treasurer; disposition of fund; administrator of fund; expenditures; limitation.
Section 333.2894SectionProhibited conduct.
Section 333.2895SectionInspection or copying of information contained in system of vital statistics.
Section 333.2896SectionRules; minimum requirements.
Section 333.2898SectionViolation; penalty.
Section 333.2899SectionReporting violation; statement; initiation of proceedings.
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