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Section 388.1604SectionDefinitions; E to H.
Section 388.1606SectionAdditional definitions.
Section 388.1608bSectionPublic school academy district code; assignment; cyber school assignment requirements.
Section 388.1611SectionAppropriations.
Section 388.1611aSectionSchool aid stabilization fund; creation; deposit; expenditure; investment; money remaining at close of fiscal year; shortfall; full funding.
Section 388.1611jSectionSchool loan bond redemption fund; allocation.
Section 388.1611kSectionSchool loan revolving fund; appropriation; definition.
Section 388.1611mSectionFiscal year cash-flow borrowing costs; allocation.
Section 388.1611sSectionServices and programs for children residing within cities for which executive proclamation of emergency issued under MCL 30.401 to 30.421; water emergency reserve fund; employment of school nurses, classroom aides, and school social workers; state early intervention services; school-day great start readiness program; nutritional services; contingency funds; payment schedule.
Section 388.1615SectionApportionment of deficiency; state aid overpayments to districts; deduction or payment due to adjustment as result of audit or information; incorrect payment; adjustments for educator certification violations; audits; funding expenditures caused by write-off of prior year accruals; additional appropriation.
Section 388.1618SectionApplying money received under article; determining reasonableness of expenditures; withholding apportionment for violation; adoption of annual budget; availability of information on website; submission of annual comprehensive financial data; report; Michigan public school accounting manual chart of accounts; filing special education actual cost report and transportation expenditure report; review and update of pupil accounting and pupil auditing manuals; retention of property by public school academy; failure to comply with subsections (4), (5), (6), (7), and (12); inconsistent financial data; failure to comply with subsection (2); report on virtual learning per-pupil costs; "vendor type" defined; allocation contingent upon compliance with section.
Section 388.1620SectionTarget foundation allowance; calculations; allocations; pupil membership factor, revenue adjustment factor, and index; reduced foundation allowance or per-pupil payment calculation; definitions.
Section 388.1620dSectionRequirements for final determination under MCL 388.1620 and former section 388.1620a.
Section 388.1620fSectionAllocations; eligibility for funding; amount; proration of payments.
Section 388.1621hSectionDistrict assigned to partnership to improve student achievement; eligibility for funding; approval of intervention plan; allocation and use of funds; report.
Section 388.1622aSectionAllocation for school operating purposes; payment to district and qualifying public school academy; definitions.
Section 388.1622bSectionAllocation from community district education trust fund; discretionary nonmandated payments; duties of district; purchase and support of business function software; payments for litigation costs; claim of inadequate funding or unfunded constitutional requirement; escrowed funds as work project; purpose; final determination; expedited review of claim by local claims review board; removal to court of appeals; violation of state constitution; lawsuit challenging payments relating to costs reimbursed by federal title XIX Medicaid funds; "title XIX" defined.
Section 388.1622mSectionIntegration of local data systems into Michigan data hub network; basis; entity as fiscal agent; coordination of activities; determination of amount of funds; payment schedule; governance model required for funding; participation as voluntary; use of funds; report.
Section 388.1622pSectionPartnership agreement; measurable academic outcomes and accountability measures; agreement requirements.
Section 388.1624SectionAllocation for on-grounds education program; payments for educating students assigned by court or department of health and human services to reside in juvenile detention facility or child caring institution; definitions; funding for department-approved on-grounds educational program; special education pupils funded under MCL 388.1653a not funded under this section.
Section 388.1624aSectionAllocations for education programs; payments to intermediate districts for pupils placed in juvenile justice service facilities.
Section 388.1625eSectionPupil membership transfer application and pupil transfer process; duties of department; calculation changes; providing information to center and department; pupils enrolled in online courses; report on pupils enrolled after pupil membership count day and before supplemental count day; definitions.
Section 388.1626aSectionReimbursements to districts and intermediate districts under MCL 125.2692; time of allocations.
Section 388.1626bSectionPayments to districts, intermediate districts, and community colleges in lieu of tax obligation under MCL 324.2154; prorated payments.
Section 388.1626cSectionPromise zone fund.
Section 388.1628SectionExisting weighted foundation allowance allocations or additional payments for differential instructional costs.
Section 388.1631aSectionAllocations to eligible districts and eligible public school academies; proficiencies; funding eligibility; early literacy and numeracy; multi-tiered system of supports; weighted foundation per-pupil payment for economically disadvantaged pupils; school breakfast program; primary health care services; hearing and vision screenings; report; audit; implementation of schoolwide reform in schools with at-risk pupils; research-based professional development; instructional or behavioral coaches; prorated payments; dissolved district; "at-risk pupil" defined; anti-bullying or crisis intervention program; assignment of Pathways to Potential Success coaches; definitions.
Section 388.1631dSectionReimbursement to districts providing school lunch programs.
Section 388.1631fSectionSchool breakfast program costs; reimbursement payments; preference to food grown or produced by Michigan businesses.
Section 388.1631nSectionLicensed behavioral health providers for general education pupils; advisory council; application; services by child and adolescent health centers; services to nonpublic students.
Section 388.1632dSectionGreat start readiness programs; use of funds; eligibility; competitive grant; longitudinal evaluation; comprehensive part-day, school-day, or GSRP/Head Start blended programs; application for funding; form and manner; counting enrolled pupils; blended program; designation of early childhood coordinator; retention of funds for administrative services; outreach, recruiting, and public awareness; household income; contract process; contract with community-based providers for percentage of total allocation; submission of satisfactory evidence; report; definitions; tuition rate sliding scale; reimbursement of transportation costs; classroom level quality assessments; supplemental curriculum; professional development and training materials for educators; use of AmeriCorps Pre-K Reading Corps members.
Section 388.1632pSectionEarly childhood funding; local great start collaborative and parent coalition; outcomes; workgroups; home visits to at-risk children and families; report; carrying over unexpended funds.
Section 388.1635aSectionProfessional development; allocations; screening and diagnostic tools; early literacy coaches; additional instructional time; report; literacy essentials teacher and principal training; professional development programs.
Section 388.1639SectionReceipt of funds under MCL 388.1632d; application; submission of implementation plan for approval; initial allocation; distribution of remaining funds; calculation of percentage of eligible children; additional eligible children; review of program components; definitions.
Section 388.1639aSectionAllocation of federal funds for federal programs; definitions.
Section 388.1641SectionEnglish language learners; English language proficiency assessment; allocation of funds; report; audit; review of per-pupil distribution.
Section 388.1651aSectionAllocations for reimbursement to districts and intermediate districts for special education programs, services, and personnel; net tuition payments for Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind; programs for pupils eligible for special education programs and services; allocations; reimbursement; shortfall; adjustments; total approved costs; rights, benefits, and tenure of transferred personnel; refund; foundation allowance; order of expenditures; responsibility for added costs of special education programs and services for pupil enrolled in public school academy; receipt of federal allocation by cyber school; compliance; report of certain information.
Section 388.1651cSectionReimbursement for percentage of special education and special education transportation costs.
Section 388.1651dSectionFederally funded special education programs and services; distribution; payment schedule; "DED-OSERS" defined.
Section 388.1651fSectionIncreased reimbursement for costs associated with special education services; limitation; "level percentage" defined.
Section 388.1653aSectionSpecial education programs and services; reimbursement of total approved costs; limitation; costs of transportation; allocation.
Section 388.1654SectionIntermediate district to receive amount for pupil attending Michigan schools for the deaf and blind.
Section 388.1654bSectionImplementation of recommendations of special education reform task force; piloting statewide implementation of Michigan Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative.
Section 388.1654dSectionEarly on services pilot program; grant eligibility; purposes; report.
Section 388.1656SectionDefinitions; reimbursement to intermediate districts levying millage for special education; limitation; distribution plan; computation; payments.
Section 388.1661aSectionCareer and technical education programs; added cost; inclusion of participation of students in grade 9; administration and reimbursement; participation under section 107.
Section 388.1661bSectionCTE early/middle college and CTE dual enrollment programs; career and educational advisory council; definitions.
Section 388.1661dSectionCTE programs; payments to districts; definitions.
Section 388.1662SectionDefinitions; vocational-technical education; reimbursement; limitation; payments.
Section 388.1665SectionPre-college engineering K-12 educational program; eligibility.
Section 388.1667SectionCollege access programs; allocation, use, and administration of funds; "college" defined.
Section 388.1674SectionSchool bus driver safety instruction; cost of instruction and driver compensation; nonspecial education auxiliary services transportation; inspection costs.
Section 388.1674aSectionStatewide school bus driver safety program; requirements.
Section 388.1681SectionAllocations to intermediate districts; amounts; expanded professional development opportunities for teachers; consolidated, annexed, or attached districts; duties of intermediate district.
Section 388.1694SectionAdvanced placement and international baccalaureate programs; college-level examination program (CLEP); requirements.
Section 388.1694aSectionCenter for educational performance and information.
Section 388.1695aSectionEducator evaluation reserve fund.
Section 388.1698SectionMichigan Virtual University; Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute; Michigan Virtual School; online and blended educator professional development programs; virtual course offerings; home-schooled or nonpublic school student; report; advisory group; submission of budget; definitions.
Section 388.1699hSectionFIRST Robotics program; eligibility; work project.
Section 388.1699sSectionMiSTEM programs; MiSTEM advisory council; MiSTEM network regions; funding; duties; audit; report on performance measures; definitions; allocation for certain department executives; definitions.
Section 388.1701SectionEligibility to receive state aid; submission of number of pupils enrolled and in regular daily attendance; certification of data; noncompliance; withholding state aid; pupil instruction; minimum number of hours or days; requirements; guidelines; waiver; counting number of hours of qualifying teacher professional development; subsections (3) and (8) inapplicable to cyber school or dropout recovery program; "eligible pupil" defined; review of waiver standards.
Section 388.1704SectionCompliance with state and federal law; inclusion of item analysis in M-STEP results; number of enrolled students; distribution of federal funds; Michigan kindergarten entry observation tool (MKEO); Kindergarten Readiness Assessment; use of external keyboard with table devices; payment schedule determined by department; online reporting tool to provide student-level assessment data; definitions.
Section 388.1704cSectionState assessments as condition for receipt of state aid; M-STEP assessments in English language arts and mathematics; summative assessment system; benchmark assessments; interim assessments; "English language arts" defined.
Section 388.1707SectionAdult education programs.
Section 388.1747SectionAllocations to public school employees' retirement system; contribution rates.
Section 388.1747aSectionPayments to participating districts; use; purpose; "participating district" defined; payments to participating districts and district libraries; definitions.
Section 388.1747cSectionPayments to participating entities of retirement system; installment; definitions.
Section 388.1747eSectionAllocation from MPSERS retirement obligation reform reserve fund for payments to participating entities; payments; definitions.
Section 388.1752aSectionCosts related to state-mandated collection, maintenance, and reporting of data; payments.
Section 388.1760SectionRequest for waiver from requirements of MCL 380.1284b.
Section 388.1766SectionDisciplinary policy for referral of pupil for abortion or assisting pupil in obtaining abortion.
Section 388.1766aSectionInstruction in reproductive health or other sex education; requirements; complaint process.
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