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Section 287.276

Act 339 of 1919

287.276 Listing of dogs; compensation of supervisor; appointment, duties, and compensation of animal control officer.

Sec. 16.

   The supervisor of each township and the assessor of every city, annually, on taking his assessment of property as required by law, may make diligent inquiry as to the number of dogs owned, harbored or kept by all persons in his assessing district; and on or before June 1, make a complete report to the county treasurer, for his county, on a blank form furnished by the director of agriculture, setting forth the name of every owner, or keeper, of any dog, subject to license under this act, how many of each sex are owned by him, and if a kennel license is maintained such fact shall be also stated. Every supervisor or assessor shall receive for his services in listing such dogs at a rate determined by the board of supervisors for each dog so listed, which sums shall be paid out of the general fund of the county. In any city having a population of 5,000 or more, the county board of supervisors may by resolution appoint for a term of 2 years, an animal control officer, who shall perform in and for the city all the duties which this act prescribes for the supervisors of townships, and who shall receive the same compensation as is herein provided for supervisors. The board of supervisors of any county may, by resolution, appoint for the county for a term of 2 years an animal control officer whose duties and compensation shall be such as shall be prescribed by the board of supervisors and who may be delegated the duties required by this section to be performed by the supervisors and assessors without extra compensation.

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