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Section 700.3601

Act 386 of 1998

700.3601 Qualification; limitation and procedure with regard to specified assets.

Sec. 3601.

  (1) Prior to receiving letters, a personal representative shall qualify by filing with the appointing court any required bond and a statement of acceptance of the duties of the office.
  (2) In filing the statement of acceptance, the personal representative may exclude from the scope of the personal representative's responsibility, for a period not to exceed 91 days, real estate or an ownership interest in a business entity if the personal representative reasonably believes the real estate or other property owned by the business entity is or may be contaminated by a hazardous substance, or is or has been used for any activity directly or indirectly involving a hazardous substance, that could result in liability to the estate or otherwise impair the value of property held in the estate. The personal representative must identify the real estate or ownership interest being excluded and shall specify the time period of exclusion.
  (3) If the personal representative identifies excluded property under subsection (2), the personal representative's responsibilities extend to the excluded property at the end of the exclusion period or upon the personal representative's notice to the court of acceptance of that property, unless, before the end of the exclusion period, the personal representative requests the court to appoint a special personal representative with respect to the excluded property or to exercise administrative authority over the excluded property by direct judicial order.
  (4) In response to a request by the general personal representative under subsection (3), the court may do either of the following:
  (a) Appoint a special personal representative with the duty and authority to collect and manage the excluded property, but only to the extent necessary for proper settlement of the estate and to preserve, account with respect to, and distribute or otherwise dispose of the excluded property as directed by the general personal representative or other court order.
  (b) Directly administer the excluded property by judicial orders without the appointment of a personal representative with respect to the property.

History: 1998, Act 386, Eff. Apr. 1, 2000
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