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Act 300 of 1949

Section 257.317SectionSuspension or revocation of right of nonresident to operate vehicle in state; driving while privilege suspended, revoked, or denied; violation of 321a(1) interstate compact; forwarding certified copy of record; notification to other states.
Section 257.318SectionSuspension or revocation of license of person convicted or determined responsible for violation in another state; failure to comply with interstate compact.
Section 257.319SectionSuspension of license; crimes; violations; waiver; restricted license; "prior conviction" as used in subsection (7) or (8); 2 or more convictions; appeal.
Section 257.319aSectionRepealed. 2002, Act 534, Eff. Oct. 1, 2002.
Section 257.319bSectionSuspension or revocation of commercial learners permits or vehicle group designations on operator's or chauffeur's license; notice of conviction, bond forfeiture, civil infraction determination, violation of law, or refusal to submit to chemical test; period of suspension or revocation; denial, cancellation, or revocation of hazardous material indorsement; notice of security risk; applicability of conditions; definitions.
Section 257.319cSectionProviding United States department of transportation with information pertaining to operator's or chauffeur's license with vehicle group designation; notification of motor vehicle administrator or other appropriate officer.
Section 257.319dSectionOperation of commercial motor vehicle by person with certain alcohol content; out-of-service order; violations; penalty.
Section 257.319eSectionReceipt of abstract of conviction; suspension of license; waiver or restrictions; conditions; suspension of license prohibited; definitions.
Section 257.319fSectionOperation of commercial motor vehicle in violation of out-of-state service order; prohibition; suspension; "commercial motor vehicle" defined.
Section 257.319gSectionProhibitions; violations; civil infraction.
Section 257.320SectionInvestigation or reexamination of person; notice; restricting, suspending, revoking, or imposing other terms and conditions on license; service of notice; suspension of license for more than 1 year prohibited; reexamination; failure to appear for scheduled reexamination; prohibited restricted license.
Section 257.320aSectionRecording date of conviction, civil infraction determination, or probate court disposition and number of points; interview; violation committed in another state.
Section 257.320bSectionDriver safety school; establishment; supervision; courses; referrals; voluntary attendance; staying imposition of sentence; fee; approval of school.
Section 257.320cSectionIssuance of license after suspension or revocation; examination; qualifications; exception.
Section 257.320dSectionBasic driver improvement course; eligibility; database; use; fees; basic driver improvement course fund; study; report; approval of basic driver improvement course sponsors; security bond; surety; prohibited acts or practices; sanctions; "approved sponsor" defined.
Section 257.320eSectionPayment of reinstatement fee for suspended, revoked, or restricted operator's or chauffeur's license; waiver of fee; assessment of points and licensing action by secretary of state; judicial review of administrative licensing sanction.
Section 257.321SectionSurrender of license; replacement.
Section 257.321aSectionFailure to answer citation or notice to appear in court; failure to comply with order or judgment; misdemeanor; notice and duration of suspension; exceptions; effect of failure to appear; giving copy of information transmitted to secretary of state to person; driver license reinstatement fees; failure to answer out-state citation, comply with out-state order or judgment, or appear in court or administrative tribunal under MCL 257.732; parking or standing of vehicle; resolution of outstanding matters regarding notices, orders, or citations.
Section 257.321bSectionSuspended or revoked license; destruction.
Section 257.321cSectionNotification by friend of the court of failure to appear for hearing, comply with repayment plan order, or respond to license suspension notice; duty of secretary of state to suspend operator's or chauffeur's license; duration; reinstatement; transmission of fees; amounts.
Section 257.322SectionHearing officer; appointment; powers and duties as to appeals from final determination of secretary of state.
Section 257.322aSectionIgnition interlock device; removal; issuance of order required.
Section 257.323SectionDenial, revocation, suspension, or restriction of operator or chauffeur's license, vehicle group designation, or indorsement; final determination; petition for review of determination; order setting cause for hearing; service of order, petition, and affidavits on secretary of state's office; testimony and examination; order affirming, modifying, or setting aside restriction, suspension, or denial; conditions; restricted driving privileges; vehicle owned by employer; notification; other requirements.
Section 257.323aSectionPetition for order staying revocation or suspension of license; ex parte order; provisions inapplicable to violation of financial responsibility act.
Section 257.323bSectionCancellation of minor's license.
Section 257.323cSectionRestricted license; issuance by circuit court; limitations; exceptions; condition.
Section 257.323dSectionDrug case information management fund; creation; purpose; expenditure; crediting and investing money; reversion; distribution of amounts by state court administrator; reimbursement of costs.
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