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Section 730.519

Act 5 of 1956

730.519 Directed verdicts; reserved decision in civil cases, judgment notwithstanding verdict.

Sec. 19.

   In any city affected by the provisions of this act, in all civil jury trials in such municipal court, if either party shall at the close of the testimony, and before the case is submitted to the jury, request a directed verdict in his favor, the judge presiding may reserve his decision thereon, and submit the case to the jury under proper instructions as to the law applicable to such case. After the case is thus submitted to the jury, and after receiving and recording the verdict of the jury and before judgment is entered in said cause, the judge may hear arguments of counsel for and against said request, but in all cases he shall receive and record the verdict of the jury as rendered. If the judge shall then decide as a matter of law that the party requesting the directed verdict was entitled thereto, and if the verdict of the jury is adverse to the party making such request, the judge shall enter his decision and give judgment in accordance with such decision notwithstanding the verdict entered.

History: 1956, Act 5, Eff. Aug. 11, 1956

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