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Home Rule City Act, PA 279 of 1909
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Section 117.1SectionBody corporate.
Section 117.2SectionSaving clause.
Section 117.3SectionMandatory charter provisions.
Section 117.5SectionProhibited powers.
Section 117.6SectionIncorporation, consolidation, or alteration of boundaries; petition; signatures; deposit; enumeration.
Section 117.7SectionIncorporation, consolidation or alteration of boundaries; fifth class cities; population requisites; representation on board of supervisors.
Section 117.8SectionIncorporation, consolidation, or alteration of boundaries; petition; filing; resolution; adoption.
Section 117.9SectionIncorporation, consolidation, or change of boundaries; governing law; affected district; petition or resolution for annexation; voting; duties of commission.
Section 117.10SectionCertified copies of petition and resolution; transmittal; election notices.
Section 117.11SectionPetition for incorporation, consolidation, or change of boundaries; affidavit; filing with secretary of state; certification; notice; election.
Section 117.12SectionElection returns; canvass; village clerk, duties.
Section 117.13SectionEffective date of incorporation, consolidation, attachment or detachment; certificate of board of county canvassers; representation, transfer of property, governmental function.
Section 117.14SectionIncorporation or annexation.
Section 117.15SectionElection on question of intent to incorporate or consolidate; electors as members of charter commission; notice; preparation, form, and contents of ballot; expenses; procedure; canvass; certification of election; oath; vacancies; quorum; convening of charter commission; framing charter; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; officers; rules; journal; roll call; nomination of candidates; holding election; publication of proposed charter; publishing and posting notice of election; polling places; canvassing results.
Section 117.16SectionIncorporation; rejection of charter; de facto mayor; duties; resubmission of charter, procedure; effect of nonadoption within 3 years of election to incorporate.
Section 117.17SectionIncorporation; new charter commission, petition, procedure, eligibility, duties, expenses; control of territory pending adoption; date of incorporation; voting franchise.
Section 117.18SectionIncorporation; revision of charter, procedure, commission, advisory vote; incorporation of provision in original charter granted by legislature.
Section 117.19SectionCharter; duty of legislative body.
Section 117.20SectionCharter commission; first meeting; duties of city clerk; powers and duties of commission; roll call; vacancy; compensation; quorum; public sessions.
Section 117.21SectionCharter amendment; procedure.
Section 117.22SectionCharter amendment; submission to governor, approval; re-consideration.
Section 117.23SectionPublication of proposed charter and amendments; submission of charter and separate propositions to electors; adoption; ballot.
Section 117.24SectionCharters or amendments; filing; effective date.
Section 117.25SectionInitiatory petition; filing with city clerk; contents; verification; signatures and inscriptions; perjury and other felonies; punishment; canvass; certifying sufficiency or insufficiency of petition; causing proposed amendment to be submitted to electors; calling special election; submitting proposal at primary, regular, or special election called for other purposes; initiative proposal receiving majority of votes; proposal contemplating increased expenditure of funds; proposal increasing ad valorem property tax limitation; effective date; tax levy; action against city clerk.
Section 117.26SectionElections; general provisions; applicability of MCL 168.641.
Section 117.28SectionCharter change; laws in force; justice and police courts, justices, charter provisions, ordinances.
Section 117.29SectionRecovery and enforcement of fines, penalties, and forfeitures; violations; administrative hearings.
Section 117.30SectionAppeal to circuit court; recognizance or bond.
Section 117.31SectionDisposition of fines.
Section 117.32SectionConstables; election or appointment; powers and duties; salary; fees; provisions inapplicable to certain cities; compliance with minimum employment standards.
Section 117.33SectionConstables; election, qualification, and compensation.
Section 117.34SectionPolice officers; powers.
Section 117.35SectionAcquisition of property; condemnation or purchase proceedings.
Section 117.36SectionCharter provisions; conflict.

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