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Act 451 of 1994
Part 115

Section 324.11501SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 324.11502SectionDefinitions; A to C.
Section 324.11503SectionDefinitions; D to G.
Section 324.11504SectionDefinitions; H to P.
Section 324.11505SectionDefinitions; R, S.
Section 324.11506SectionDefinitions; S to Y.
Section 324.11507SectionDevelopment of methods for disposal of solid waste; construction and administration of part; exemption of inert material from regulation.
Section 324.11507aSectionReport on amount of solid waste received by landfill and amount of remaining disposal capacity.
Section 324.11508SectionSolid waste management program; certification.
Section 324.11509SectionConstruction permit for establishment of disposal area; application; engineering plan; construction permit application fee for landfill; construction permit for solid waste transfer facility, solid waste processing plant, or other disposal area; fees; fee refund; permit denial; resubmission of application with additional information; modification or renewal of permit; multiple permits; disposition of fees.
Section 324.11510SectionAdvisory analysis of proposed disposal area; duties of department upon receipt of construction permit application.
Section 324.11511SectionConstruction permit; approval or denial of issuance; expiration; renewal; fee; additional relevant information; conditions to issuance of construction permit for disposal area.
Section 324.11511aSectionCoal ash landfill, coal ash impoundment, or lateral expansion of landfill or impoundment; standard and location requirements; construction permit; detection monitoring program.
Section 324.11511bSectionRDDP.
Section 324.11512SectionDisposal of solid waste at licensed disposal area; license required to conduct, manage, maintain, or operate disposal area; application; contents; fee; certification; resubmitting application; additional information or corrections; operation of incinerator without operating license; additional fees; operation of coal ash landfill and coal ash impoundment; application; fees; public notice and meeting.
Section 324.11512aSectionIssuance of license for coal ash landfill or a coal ash impoundment; requirements.
Section 324.11513SectionAcceptance of solid waste or municipal solid waste incinerator ash for disposal; applicability of subsection (1) to coal ash; enforcement.
Section 324.11514SectionPromotion of recycling and reuse of materials; electronics recycling; materials prohibited from disposal in landfill; disposal of yard clippings; report.
Section 324.11514bSectionDisposal of certain technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) in type II landfill prohibited; annual report; disposal requirements; TENORM defined.
Section 324.11515SectionInspection of site; compliance; hydrogeologic monitoring program as condition to licensing landfill facility; determining course of action; revocation or denial of license; issuance of timetable or schedule.
Section 324.11516SectionFinal decision on license application; time; effect of failure to make final decision; expiration and renewal of operating license; fee; entry on private or public property; inspection or investigation; conditions to issuance of operating license for new disposal area; issuance of license as authority to accept waste for disposal.
Section 324.11517SectionPlan for program reducing incineration of noncombustible materials and dangerous combustible materials and other hazardous by-products; approval or disapproval; considerations; modifications; revised plan; implementation; operation without approved plan.
Section 324.11518SectionSanitary landfill; coal ash impoundment; instrument imposing restrictive covenant on land; filing; contents of covenant; authorization; special exemption; construction of part.
Section 324.11519SectionSpecifying reasons for denial of construction permit or operating license; cease and desist order; grounds for order revoking, suspending, or restricting permit or license; contested case hearing; judicial review; inspection; report; copies; violation of part or rules; summary suspension of permit or license.
Section 324.11519aSectionDuties of owner or operator of a coal ash impoundment or a coal ash landfill; compliance with federal regulations; assessment.
Section 324.11519bSectionPlacement of coal ash and associated liquids; assessment monitoring program; response action plan; closure of facility.
Section 324.11519cSectionGroundwater contamination in unlined coal ash impound; owner or operator duties; "unlined coal ash impoundment" defined.
Section 324.11520SectionDisposition of fees; special fund; disposition of solid waste on private property.
Section 324.11521SectionYard clippings; management; means; temporary accumulation; requirements; composting on farm; qualification as registered composting facility; site at which yard clippings are managed.
Section 324.11521bSectionOperator of waste diversion center; duties; requirements; disposal; rejection of diverted waste.
Section 324.11522SectionOpen burning of grass clippings or leaves; open burning of household waste; materials; violation; extension of prohibition to materials not listed in subsection (3); open burning of wooden fruit or vegetable storage bins constructed from untreated lumber; requirements; effect of local ordinance; burning of United States flag.
Section 324.11523SectionFinancial assurance; cash bond; interest; reduction in bond; termination; noncompliance with closure and postclosure monitoring and maintenance requirements; expiration or cancellation notice; effect of bankruptcy action; perpetual care fund; alternate financial assurance.
Section 324.11523aSectionOperation of type II landfill.
Section 324.11523bSectionTrust fund or escrow account.
Section 324.11524SectionRepealed. 2013, Act 250, Imd. Eff. Dec. 26, 2013.
Section 324.11525SectionPerpetual care fund.
Section 324.11525aSectionOwner or operator of landfill or coal ash impoundment; surcharge; payment of surcharge; deposit.
Section 324.11525bSectionContinuous financial assurance coverage required; request for termination of financial assurance requirements.
Section 324.11526SectionInspection of solid waste transporting unit; determination; administration; inspections.
Section 324.11526aSectionSolid waste generated out of state; acceptance by owner or operator of landfill prohibited; exceptions; disposal capacity.
Section 324.11526bSectionCompliance with MCL 324.11526b required; notice requirements; compilation of list; documentation.
Section 324.11526cSectionOrder restricting or prohibiting solid waste transportation or disposal in this state.
Section 324.11526eSectionDisposal of municipal solid waste generated outside of United States; applicability of subsections (1) and (2).
Section 324.11527SectionDelivery of waste to licensed disposal area or solid waste transfer facility; vehicle or container; violation; penalty.
Section 324.11527aSectionWebsite listing materials prohibited from disposal; notice to customers.
Section 324.11528SectionSolid waste transporting unit; watertight; construction, maintenance, and operation; violation; penalties; ordering unit out of service.
Section 324.11529SectionExemptions.
Section 324.11530SectionCollection center for junk motor vehicles and farm implements; competitive bidding; bonds; “collect” defined.
Section 324.11531SectionSolid waste removal; frequency; disposal; ordinance.
Section 324.11532SectionImpact fees; agreement; collection, payment, and disposition; reduction; use of revenue; trust fund; board of trustees; membership and terms; expenditures from trust fund.
Section 324.11533SectionInitial solid waste management plan; contents; submission; review and update; amendment; scope of plan; minimum compliance; consultation with regional planning agency; filing, form, and contents of notice of intent; effect of failure to file notice of intent; vote; preparation of plan by regional solid waste management planning agency or by department; progress report.
Section 324.11534SectionPlanning committee; purpose; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; approval of appointment; reappointment; vacancy; removal; chairperson; procedures.
Section 324.11535SectionCounty or regional solid waste management planning agency; duties.
Section 324.11536SectionRequest by municipality to be included in plan of adjacent county; approval by resolution; appeal; final decision; formal action on plan; return of plan with statement of objections; review and recommendations; approval by governing bodies; preparation of final plan by department.
Section 324.11537SectionApproval or disapproval of plan by department; time; minimum requirements; periodic review; revisions or corrections; withdrawal of approval; timetable or schedule for compliance.
Section 324.11537aSectionUse of siting mechanisms to site capacity.
Section 324.11538SectionRules for development, form, and submission of initial solid waste management plans; requirements; identification of specific sites; calculation of disposal need requirements; interim siting mechanism; annual certification process; new certification; disposal area serving disposal needs of another county, state, or country; compliance as condition to disposing of, storing, or transporting solid waste; provisions or practices in conflict with part.
Section 324.11539SectionPlan update; approval; conditions; rules.
Section 324.11539aSectionPlan update; submission to legislature; standard format.
Section 324.11540SectionRules; sanitary design and operational standards.
Section 324.11540aSectionRepealed. 2010, Act 345, Eff. Mar. 1, 2011.
Section 324.11541SectionState solid waste management plan; contents; duties of department.
Section 324.11542SectionMunicipal solid waste incinerator ash; disposal.
Section 324.11543SectionMunicipal solid waste incinerator ash; transportation.
Section 324.11544SectionList of laboratories capable of performing test provided for in MCL 324.11542; compilation; publication; definitive testing; fraudulent or careless testing.
Section 324.11545SectionIncineration of used oil prohibited; “oil” defined.
Section 324.11546SectionAction for appropriate relief; penalties for violation or noncompliance; restoration; return; civil action.
Section 324.11547SectionGrant program; establishment; purpose; interlocal agreements; separate planning grant; appropriation; use of grant funds by department; rules; financial assistance to certified health department.
Section 324.11548SectionPrivate sector; legislative intent; salvaging not prohibited.
Section 324.11549SectionViolation as misdemeanor; violation as felony; penalty; separate offenses.
Section 324.11550SectionSolid waste management fund; creation; deposit of money into fund; establishment of solid waste staff account and perpetual care account; expenditures; report; coal ash care fund; creation; deposit of money; expenditures.
Section 324.11551SectionBeneficial use by-product; qualification; requirements; analysis of representative sample by initial generator; determination; storage and use; beneficial uses 1 and 2 at and along roadways; registration or licensure under MCL 290.531 to 290.538; submission of information; open dumping; notice to prospective transferee.
Section 324.11551aSectionBeneficial use by-product not required.
Section 324.11552SectionNotice; report; confidentiality.
Section 324.11553SectionPromoting and fostering use of wastes and by-products for recycling or beneficial purposes; approval of material, use, or material and use; request; approval or denial by department; determination made prior to effective date of amendatory act.
Section 324.11554SectionAdministration and enforcement of part.
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