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Act 198 of 1984 - MICHIGAN BUSINESS INCUBATION ACT (125.1571 - 125.1586)
Section 125.1571 ‑ Short title.
Section 125.1572 ‑ Definitions.
Section 125.1573 ‑ Designation of business incubation centers; purpose; title to or lease of building; priority of proposals.
Section 125.1574 ‑ Community board; appointment or designation; membership; chairperson; compensation prohibited; terms; conducting business at public meeting; notice; availability of writings to public; disclosing matters of proprietary nature.
Section 125.1575 ‑ Community board; duties; petition for designation.
Section 125.1576 ‑ Feasibility study; factors; notice of decision; reapplication or designation.
Section 125.1577 ‑ Period of designation; return of building to previous state; notification; publicizing closing date.
Section 125.1578 ‑ Application to start or expand small business in business incubation center; contents; waiver for existing business.
Section 125.1579 ‑ Evaluation of applicants; factors; notice of rejection; notice of favorable evaluation.
Section 125.1580 ‑ Report; hiring management consultants or contracting with management consulting firm.
Section 125.1581 ‑ Lessee of business incubation center; duties.
Section 125.1582 ‑ Lessee benefits.
Section 125.1583 ‑ Powers and duties of department generally.
Section 125.1584 ‑ Administration of state funding.
Section 125.1585 ‑ Annual appropriation.
Section 125.1586 ‑ Reports.

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