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Act 228 of 1933
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Act 228 of 1933

AN ACT relative to the powers and duties of all boards of county auditors now existing or hereafter created in the state of Michigan; authorizing the exercise of all powers and duties now or hereafter vested in such boards of county auditors by the concurrence of the majority of the members of such boards of county auditors; providing that all persons appointed or employed by such boards shall be subject to removal at the will of the majority of the members of such boards of county auditors and repealing all acts and parts of acts in contravention of the provisions hereof.

History: 1933, Act 228, Eff. Oct. 17, 1933

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 47.21SectionBoard of county auditors; action by majority.
Section 47.22SectionBoard of county auditors; appointment and removal of employees by majority.
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