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Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 2

Section 436.1201SectionAlcoholic liquor; manufacture, sale, possession, or transportation lawful; terms, conditions, limitations, and restrictions; right, power, and duty of commission to control alcoholic beverage traffic and traffic in other alcoholic liquor; unreasonable discrimination against Michigan manufacturers prohibited; enforcement of act and rules; willful neglect or refusal of officer to perform duties as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 436.1203SectionSale, delivery, or importation of alcoholic liquor or wine; duties of direct shipper of wine; common carrier; verification that individual accepting delivery is 21 years of age or older; original purchase and importation into state of spirits for sale, use, storage, or distribution; requirements; exceptions; direct shipper license required; application; fee; violation; delivery of beer and wine to home or designated location of consumer; holder of specially designated merchant license; delivery or sale of beer, wine, or spirits by third party facilitator; sale or delivery of beer by micro brewer to retailer; reports; retention of books, records, and documents; disclosure; definitions.
Section 436.1205SectionWarehousing and delivery of spirits; authorized distribution agent.
Section 436.1206SectionIntegrated on-line ordering system.
Section 436.1207SectionExceptions to act.
Section 436.1209SectionLiquor control commission; creation; appointment, duties, and terms of members; designation and duties of hearing commissioners and administrative commissioners; appeal board; duties; terms; oath; removal; vacancies; quorum; salary and expenses; work station; designation by chairperson.
Section 436.1211SectionLiquor control business manager; selection; duty and responsibility.
Section 436.1213SectionLiquor control commission; employment of assistants and employees; compensation; expenses.
Section 436.1215SectionLiquor control commission; rules and regulations; public hearings; record.
Section 436.1217SectionLiquor control commission; investigations; inspection and search of licensed premises; seizure and use of evidence of violation; examining or copying books, records, and papers; issuance of subpoena; oath or affirmation; court order; contempt; fees of witnesses; service of subpoena; seal; certified copies as evidence.
Section 436.1219SectionLiquor control commission; branch offices.
Section 436.1221SectionLiquor control commission; revolving fund; use; report; interest earnings; disposition of money received.
Section 436.1223SectionLiquor control commission; interest of members or employees.
Section 436.1225SectionLiquor control commission; civil liability of commission or members.
Section 436.1227SectionLiquor control commission; establishment of state liquor stores; basis.
Section 436.1229SectionLicensing hotel or merchant to sell spirits for consumption off premises; sale of alcoholic liquor; price; rules; definitions.
Section 436.1231SectionLiquor control commission; handling of alcoholic liquor; gross profit; leasing and purchasing power.
Section 436.1233SectionUniform prices for sale of alcoholic liquor; gross profit; prices for sale of alcoholic liquor to hospitals, charitable institutions, and military establishments; discount for certain sales of alcoholic liquor.
Section 436.1235SectionSearch warrant; seizure of property.
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