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Act 208 of 1949
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Act 208 of 1949

AN ACT to authorize cities, villages and townships of this state to designate neighborhood areas for the purpose of planning and carrying out local public improvements for the prevention of blight within such areas; to authorize assistance in carrying out plans for local improvements by the acquisition and disposal of real property in such areas; to provide for the combining of neighborhood improvements that benefit the entire neighborhood into 1 improvement project; to provide for the establishment of local assessment districts coterminous with the neighborhood boundaries; to prescribe the methods of financing the exercise of these powers, and to declare the effect of this act.

History: 1949, Act 208, Eff. Sept. 23, 1949 ;-- Am. 1957, Act 298, Eff. Sept. 27, 1957

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 125.941SectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; improvement, declared to be public use and public purpose.
Section 125.942SectionDefinitions.
Section 125.943SectionNeighborhood betterment plan; plans; statements; actions.
Section 125.944SectionAcquisition of property; condemnation; proceedings under eminent domain.
Section 125.945SectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; transfers to public agencies; excess land sold or exchanged; special assessment district.
Section 125.946SectionRepealed. 1957, Act 298, Eff. Sept. 27, 1957.
Section 125.946aSectionIssuance of bonds or notes; purpose; securing payment by pledge of loan, grant, or contribution; bonds or notes not indebtedness within meaning of debt limitation or restriction; inapplicability of charter provisions; tax exemption.
Section 125.946bSectionIssuance of general obligation bonds; maximum amount; designation; legislative determination; sale; applicability of other law or charter provisions; estimate of period of usefulness; definitions.
Section 125.946cSectionTax levy; special assessment.
Section 125.947SectionGifts, loans, grants from private or public sources; contracts for assistance.
Section 125.948SectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; modification of plan, hearing.
Section 125.949SectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; permits, withholding.
Section 125.950SectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; plans to be officially adopted; board of appeals; hearing, notice, publication.
Section 125.951SectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; actions to be by ordinance or resolution, procedure.
Section 125.951aSectionNeighborhood areas in municipalities; designation of administrative agency.
Section 125.952SectionPowers granted.
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