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Act 451 of 1994
Part 353

Section 324.35301SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.35302SectionLegislative findings.
Section 324.35303SectionNotice to local units of government and property owners; copy of “atlas of critical dune areas”; contents of notice; supplying addresses of property owners.
Section 324.35304SectionPermit for use in critical dune area; requirements; decision of local unit of government; limitations; ordinance; model zoning plan; special exceptions; assisting local units of government.
Section 324.35305SectionHearing; judicial review.
Section 324.35306SectionLawful use of land or structure; exemptions.
Section 324.35307SectionMaps.
Section 324.35308SectionProhibited uses; exception.
Section 324.35309SectionUse permit and inspection fee; disposition of fees; authorization of separate fee; bond.
Section 324.35310SectionSuspension or revocation of permit; restraining order, injunction, or other appropriate remedy; instituting action; cumulative rights; performance review; determination of noncompliance; response; implementation of model zoning plan; appeal; civil fine; order to pay cost of restabilization; violation as misdemeanor.
Section 324.35311SectionReview of “atlas of critical dune areas”; appointment and duties of review team.
Section 324.35311aSectionConstruction, improvement, and maintenance of driveways.
Section 324.35311bSectionConstruction, improvement, and maintenance of accessibility measures.
Section 324.35312SectionZoning ordinance; provisions; regulation of additional lands.
Section 324.35313SectionZoning ordinance; requirements for applications for permits for use of critical dune area.
Section 324.35314SectionZoning ordinance; provisions; review of subdivision development.
Section 324.35315SectionZoning ordinance; prohibited uses in critical dune area.
Section 324.35316SectionZoning ordinances; additional prohibited uses in critical dune area; variance; contour maps; guidelines; restoration.
Section 324.35317SectionVariances; special exceptions; limitations; decision; environmental site assessment or environmental impact statement; annual report; forwarding application to local government; review and comment; waiver of opportunity to review; notice of opposition; determination of practical difficulty.
Section 324.35318SectionRequest for revaluation to determine fair market value.
Section 324.35319SectionEnvironmental assessment; contents.
Section 324.35320SectionEnvironmental impact statement; contents.
Section 324.35321SectionReview of site plan; duties of planning commission.
Section 324.35322SectionSpecial use project application, plan, and proposed decision; review; action.
Section 324.35323SectionDestruction of structure or use; exemption; replacement.
Section 324.35324SectionManagement of federally owned and state owned land.
Section 324.35325SectionPurchase of lands or interests in lands; purpose.
Section 324.35326SectionRepealed. 2012, Act 297, Imd. Eff. Aug. 7, 2012
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