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Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 6

Section 436.1601SectionLicensing qualifications; wholesale licensee or applicant for wholesale license as individual, partnership, limited partnership, or corporation; prohibitions.
Section 436.1603SectionInterest in business of other vendor prohibited; placing stock in portfolio under arrangement, trust agreement, or investment trust agreement; issuance and sale of participating shares within state; prohibitions; sale of brandy and spirits by manufacturer or small distiller; conditions; sale by small distiller; interest of brewpub in other locations; interest in business of other supplier; approval pursuant to R 436.1023(3); interest of manufacturer in wholesaler prohibited; delivery of wine by wine maker to retail licensees prohibited; tiers; interpretation of subsection (13); definitions.
Section 436.1605SectionAcquisition, development, sale, lease, financing, maintenance, operation, or promotion of real property occupied or to be occupied by another vendor; conditions; denial or approval of arrangement or contract; review; denial, revocation, or suspension of license; wholesaler as party to arrangement or contract prohibited; acquisition, development, sale, lease, financing, maintenance, operation, or promotion of condominium project or unit; exception.
Section 436.1607SectionEligibility for license as specially designated merchant or specially designated distributor; prohibitions; small distiller; wine maker and small wine maker; brewer as specially designated merchant; brewery hospitality room; sales or deliveries by wholesaler.
Section 436.1609SectionAiding or assisting other vendor prohibited; exception; refunding amount of price reductions; providing licensee with advertising items; providing licensee with goods and services; approval by commission; sale of brand logoed items; possession and use of brand logoed barware; conditions for promotion of brand under R 436.1321(1) to (3); unauthorized providing or selling of barware; fine; on-premises brand promotional event; removal of merchandise; purchase and sale of brand logoed inventory by retailer holding off-premises license; adding or removing item by rule; definitions.
Section 436.1609aSectionFiling by manufacturer or wholesaler; schedule of net cash prices; beer package price; sale of beer at quantity discount prohibited; disclosure of filing under subsections (1) and (2); comparison of filing under subsections (1) and (2) with tax filing; reasons for regulation.
Section 436.1609bSectionExpenditure records for each call on retail licensee; drink purchase for promotional purposes; limitation.
Section 436.1609cSectionBeer or wine; refund or replacement; reasons.
Section 436.1610SectionAdvertising; use of unpaid social media; definitions.
Section 436.1610aSectionPromotion of brands and prices of alcoholic liquor; signs; requirements.
Section 436.1610bSectionTemporary bin display.
Section 436.1611SectionRefund or credit of tax paid on wine, mixed spirit drink, or beer; conditions; time limitation; form and contents of claim; supporting evidence; removal or destruction of damaged wine, beer, or mixed spirit drink; applicability of section; rebate of tax paid on wine or mixed spirit drink.
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