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Act 175 of 1927
Chapter II

Section 762.1SectionJurisdiction; existing courts and persons.
Section 762.1aSectionJustices and judges as conservators of the peace.
Section 762.2SectionIn-state prosecution for criminal offense; circumstances.
Section 762.3SectionJurisdiction; offenses near county lines.
Section 762.4SectionJurisdiction; court of record; offense near boundary line.
Section 762.5SectionJurisdiction; fatal force and death in different counties.
Section 762.6SectionJurisdiction; fatal force inflicted on high seas or navigable rivers.
Section 762.7SectionJurisdiction; change of venue, procedure; saving clause.
Section 762.8SectionJurisdiction; felony consisting of 2 or more acts.
Section 762.9SectionJurisdiction; felony on moving vessel or vehicle.
Section 762.10SectionJurisdiction; embezzlement.
Section 762.10aSectionViolation of MCL 750.219a and 750.540g; jurisdiction.
Section 762.10bSectionViolation of MCL 752.791 to 752.797; jurisdiction.
Section 762.10cSectionIdentity theft; prosecution; jurisdiction.
Section 762.11SectionCriminal offense by individual between ages 17 and 24; assignment to status of youthful trainee; consent of prosecuting attorney; exceptions; employment or school attendance; electronic monitoring; definitions.
Section 762.12SectionTermination or revocation as youthful trainee; effect.
Section 762.13SectionAssignment as youthful trainee; duties of court.
Section 762.14SectionDischarge of individual and dismissal of proceedings upon final release; assignment as youthful trainee not conviction; compliance with sex offenders registration; proceedings closed to public inspection; inspection by courts, state departments, and law enforcement personnel.
Section 762.15SectionApplicability to individuals over fourteen.
Section 762.16SectionHolmes youthful trainee act; short title.
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