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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XXIVA

Section 750.157mSectionDefinitions.
Section 750.157nSectionStealing, taking, or removing financial transaction device; possession of fraudulent or altered financial transaction device.
Section 750.157pSectionPossession or control of another's financial transaction device with intent to use, deliver, circulate, or sell.
Section 750.157qSectionDelivery, circulation, or sale of financial transaction device obtained or held under proscribed circumstances.
Section 750.157rSectionForgery, alteration, simulation, or counterfeiting of financial transaction device.
Section 750.157sSectionUse of revoked or cancelled financial transaction device with intent to defraud.
Section 750.157tSectionSales to or services performed for violators.
Section 750.157uSectionCausing deviceholder to be charged or overcharged.
Section 750.157vSectionFalse statement of identity for purpose of procuring issuance of financial transaction device.
Section 750.157wSectionFraudulent use of financial transaction device to withdraw or transfer funds in violation of contractual limitations.
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