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Act 17 of 1953
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Act 17 of 1953

AN ACT to provide an optional method of drawing juries in police courts, or other courts having criminal jurisdiction in cities.

History: 1953, Act 17, Imd. Eff. Apr. 3, 1953

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 729.201SectionAdoption of act by certain cities; rescission.
Section 729.202SectionBoard of jury commissioners; membership.
Section 729.203SectionBoard of jury commissioners; list of persons to serve as jurors, computation; additional names; lists in duplicate.
Section 729.204SectionBoard of jury commissioners; qualifications of persons selected.
Section 729.205SectionBoard of jury commissioners; exemptions; excused from serving.
Section 729.206SectionDuty of clerk of court.
Section 729.207SectionDate of trial; drawing of panel, time; number of jurors.
Section 729.208SectionDrawing; conduct.
Section 729.209SectionClerk to draw names; record; signature.
Section 729.210SectionSlips drawn; replacement.
Section 729.211SectionSummoning of jurors; service.
Section 729.212SectionFailure to attend; penalty.
Section 729.213SectionJury panel placed in separate receptacle; drawing; additional names, drawing; summoning.
Section 729.214SectionChallenges.
Section 729.215SectionInstructions to jury.
Section 729.216SectionJury service; limitation.
Section 729.217SectionFees.
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