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Act 205 of 1956
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Act 205 of 1956

AN ACT to confer upon circuit courts jurisdiction over proceedings to compel and provide support of children born out of wedlock; to prescribe the procedure for determination of such liability; to authorize agreements providing for furnishing of such support and to provide for the enforcement thereof; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of certain provisions of this act.

History: 1956, Act 205, Eff. Aug. 11, 1956

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 722.711SectionDefinitions.
Section 722.712SectionChild born out of wedlock; liability of parents; duties of court; medical expenses; death of father of child born out of wedlock; "Medicaid" defined.
Section 722.713SectionRepealed. 1996, Act 308, Eff. June 1, 1997.
Section 722.714SectionPaternity proceeding; parties; venue; action not required; commencement of action; statute of limitations; initiating and conducting proceedings; child support formula as guideline; verification of complaint; agreement to transfer prosecutor's responsibilities; charge; summons; default judgment; genetic paternity testing; next friend or guardian ad litem; rights of indigent defendant; order of filiation.
Section 722.714aSectionSummons or notice; notification of obligation and rights; court order for genetic paternity testing.
Section 722.714bSectionEffect of paternity in another state.
Section 722.715SectionMother and alleged father competent to testify; cross-examination; exclusion of public; continuance until birth of child.
Section 722.716SectionPretrial proceedings; blood or tissue typing determinations as to mother, child, and alleged father; court order; refusal to submit to typing or identification profiling; qualifications of person conducting typing or identification profiling; compensation of expert; result of typing or identification profiling; filing summary report; objection; admissibility; establishment of paternity.
Section 722.716aSectionInformation obtained from genetic paternity testing; disclosure prohibited; retention and destruction of material; confidentiality; sale, transfer, or offer; audit; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 722.717SectionOrder of filiation; circumstances; contents; support order; retroactivity; enforcement of judgment or order; fee; report to director of department of community health; service of copies to parties.
Section 722.717aSectionRepealed. 2001, Act 109, Eff. Sept. 30, 2001.
Section 722.717bSectionProvisions for custody and parenting time; temporary order in case of dispute; referral to friend of the court; attorneys not required to represent parties in dispute.
Section 722.718SectionPayments to friend of court, clerk of court, or state disbursement unit; disbursement.
Section 722.719SectionBond to perform court order and indemnify county; filing; dismissal of complaint; default; issuance of citation to principal and sureties; service; execution; contempt of court; commitment; decree or judgment; appointment of receiver.
Section 722.720SectionContinuing jurisdiction; purposes.
Section 722.720aSectionRepealed. 1982, Act 296, Eff. July 1, 1983.
Section 722.721SectionMother's support and education of child born out of wedlock; bond; default; liability of father.
Section 722.722SectionFalse complaint; penalty.
Section 722.723SectionRepealed. 1982, Act 296, Eff. July 1, 1983.
Section 722.724SectionAppeal; stay of execution, bond, security for costs.
Section 722.725SectionReference to mother as parent of child in records, certificates, or other papers.
Section 722.726SectionApplication of act.
Section 722.727SectionFees; assessment in order of filiation.
Section 722.728SectionEnforcement remedies.
Section 722.729SectionRepealed. 2009, Act 235, Imd. Eff. Jan. 8, 2010
Section 722.729aSectionCentralized receipt and disbursement of support and fees.
Section 722.730SectionPaternity act; short title.
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