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Act 371 of 2012
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Act 371 of 2012

AN ACT to provide for the enforceability of agreements to arbitrate disputes; to provide procedures for the arbitration of disputes; to provide remedies, including remedies for the enforcement of arbitration agreements, rulings, and awards; and to provide immunity from civil liability and testimonial privileges.

History: 2012, Act 371, Eff. July 1, 2013

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 691.1681SectionShort title; definitions.
Section 691.1682SectionNotice.
Section 691.1683SectionAgreement to arbitrate; when act applies.
Section 691.1684SectionEffect of agreement to arbitrate; nonwaivable provisions.
Section 691.1685SectionRequest for judicial relief.
Section 691.1686SectionValidity of agreement to arbitrate.
Section 691.1687SectionOrder to compel or stay arbitration.
Section 691.1688SectionProvisional remedies.
Section 691.1689SectionInitiation of arbitration.
Section 691.1690SectionConsolidation of separate arbitration proceedings.
Section 691.1691SectionAppointment of arbitrator; service as neutral arbitrator.
Section 691.1692SectionDisclosure by arbitrator.
Section 691.1693SectionAction by majority.
Section 691.1694SectionImmunity of arbitrator; competency to testify; attorney fees and costs.
Section 691.1695SectionArbitration process.
Section 691.1696SectionRepresentation by lawyer.
Section 691.1697SectionWitnesses; subpoenas; depositions; discovery.
Section 691.1698SectionJudicial enforcement of preaward of ruling by arbitrator.
Section 691.1699SectionAward.
Section 691.1700SectionModification or correction of award by arbitrator.
Section 691.1701SectionRemedies; fees and expenses of arbitration proceeding.
Section 691.1702SectionConfirmation of award.
Section 691.1703SectionVacating award.
Section 691.1704SectionModification or correction of award.
Section 691.1705SectionJudgment on award; attorney fees and litigation.
Section 691.1706SectionJurisdiction.
Section 691.1707SectionVenue.
Section 691.1708SectionAppeals.
Section 691.1709SectionUniformity of application and construction.
Section 691.1710SectionRelationship to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
Section 691.1711SectionEffective date.
Section 691.1713SectionSavings clause.
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