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Act 451 of 1976
Part 6C

Section 380.521SectionUrban high school academy; powers; definitions.
Section 380.522SectionUrban high school academy; organization and administration.
Section 380.523SectionUrban high school academy; contracts; issuance; priority; contents; compliance with state laws; immunity from civil liability; exemption from taxation; acquisition of property.
Section 380.523aSectionInstrument of indebtedness; liability.
Section 380.523cSectionManagement agreement with educational management organization; definitions.
Section 380.524SectionLocation; configuration of age or grade levels; operation at more than 1 site; documentation that educational model results in measurable progress; tuition; discrimination; admission; enrollment priority; grades and programs offered.
Section 380.525SectionPowers.
Section 380.526SectionUse of certificated and noncertificated teachers; teaching techniques or methods.
Section 380.527SectionTeacher or personnel contracts.
Section 380.527aSectionUrban high school academy; compliance with public employees health benefit act.
Section 380.528SectionUrban high school academy; authorizing body; contract; agreement; fiscal agent; revocation; notice of certain conditions; decision to issue, not issue, or reconstitute contract, or terminate or revoke contract; transition of affected pupils upon revocation of contract; notice to superintendent of public instruction; reversion of property to state.
Section 380.529SectionContract provisions; powers of applicant.
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